The Secret Life Of

Episode Guide

Series 2 Episode Guide

Hot Dogs

Series 2 · Episode 1

No one seems to agree on the origin of its name or the best way to eat them. Join us as we unravel the arguments and uncover the Secret Life of Hot Dogs.


Series 2 · Episode 2

Join host Jim O'Connor as he visits neighborhood diners where they still sling comfort food that keep people coming back for more.

Wedding Cakes

Series 2 · Episode 3

In ancient times, the wedding cake was a potent symbol of love, unity and often the "scene-stealer" at more elaborate weddings.


Series 2 · Episode 4

Coffee is the dark rich brew that gives you a boost in the morning and a break in the afternoon. In fact, as a world commodity coffee beans are second only to oil.


Series 2 · Episode 5

Join Host Jim O'Connor as he unscrambles a variety of eggs, and ponders the eternal question of what came first, the chicken or the egg?


Series 2 · Episode 6

Honey is nature's golden sweetener. Throughout the ages it has captured our culinary imaginations and tastebuds. Find out why this golden syrup has fascinated us for so long.


Series 2 · Episode 7

It pairs off with chocolate, ice cream, cookies and dried fruits. Its the peanut! Join us as we get to the root of the ordinary peanut and dig up the truth about this ancient treat.


Series 2 · Episode 8

The waffle arrived with the pilgrims, eventually evolving into a classic breakfast. But who came up with the idea to make a waffle in the first place?


Series 2 · Episode 9

Dumplings are a food that's prevalent in one form or another in every culture around the world. We go globetrotting as we sink our teeth into the Secret life of Dumplings!


Series 2 · Episode 10

From the old world style of the Pennsylvania Dutch, to the cutting edge slices of the fanciest restaurants, explore the creamy history behind the Secret Life of Cheesecake.

Fried Chicken

Series 2 · Episode 11

Is there anything more American than fried chicken? There are hundreds of recipes and numerous debates about the best way to prepare this classic.


Series 2 · Episode 12

Hot, cold, or frozen, pudding is such fun to eat. Jim O'Connor dives into the origins and varieties of one of America's most popular fun foods- pudding.


Series 2 · Episode 13

Pancakes are eaten by the stack for breakfast, yet they can be dressed up, accessorized, and even brought out for dinner.