The Great Australian Bake Off



Bake Off recap: Celebrate food times!

From wedding cakes, to mince pies, Christmas pudding, and hot cross buns - this week it's all about those special celebration bakes.

Bake Off recap: British Week!

Polish those crown jewels and round up the corgis, it’s British Week on The Great Australian Bake Off!

Bake Off recap: Free from week

Put your cows away and get ready to indulge in a Signature Challenge with a difference: dairy-free fruit tarts.

Delicious sugar, gluten and dairy-free desserts everyone will love

Here's how to make a delicious dairy-free dessert for your next dinner party.

Bake Off recap: Bigger, better, batter

You batter be ready for Batter Week on Bake Off! No waffling on here: the Signature Challenge is 12 sweet or savoury waffles with toppings to match, and our bakers are feeling it.

Bake Off recap: Sausage roll sensations

Gird your loins, sausage roll fanatics – it’s Patisserie Week, and we’re getting it rolling with a sausage roll Signature Challenge.

Bake Off recap: Family favourites

From muffins to a classic chicken, leek and mushroom pie - it's all about heartwarming and delicious family meals this week on the Great Australian Bake Off.

Bake Off recap: Here's how the cookie crumbles

It's biscuit time! From Matt Moran's jam drops, to biscotti, and other assorted cookies, here's the low down on this week's episode.

Bake Off recap: Breadwinners

Dough you know what time it is? Grab your packets of yeast, invest in a proving drawer, and treat yourself to a bouquet of flours... It's bread week on The Great Australian Bake Off!

Anatomy of a croissant: Lune Croissanterie breaks it down

What is the secret science of the perfect croissant? From the air between layers, to the ratio of the audible crunch to buttery centre, Lune Croissanterie spills the beans on some of their croissant chemistry.

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