The F Word

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 3 · Episode 1

In tonight’s first show the first lady of British comedy, DAWN FRENCH, joins Gordon for dinner at his new restaurant.

Episode 2

Series 3 · Episode 2

Among tonight's fifty diners are GIRLS ALOUD, who reveal what they really think of their pop rivals, and comedy legend RONNIE CORBETT, who takes on Gordon in the recipe challenge.

Episode 3

Series 3 · Episode 3

In tonight’s third programme Top Gear’s JAMES MAY takes on Gordon in the recipe challenge, and in the restaurant Gordon confronts him with a culinary test of his manliness.

Episode 4

Series 3 · Episode 4

Among the paying guests in tonight’s programme is DAVID GEST who proves to be Gordon’s worst nightmare - a diva in the dining room - and Blur bassist-turned-cheese farmer ALEX JAMES takes on Gordon in the recipe challenge and tries to convince Gordon of the benefits of breast milk (and gets him to sample it).

Episode 5

Series 3 · Episode 5

On the menu tonight: Gordon Ramsay turns the tables on The Saviour of Radio One Chris Moyles, challenging the culinary imbecile and junk food addict to cook a curry in a hurry in a Fast Food race against a delivery from his local curry takeaway.

Episode 6

Series 3 · Episode 6

Tonight Gordon travels to Scotland to herd wild buffalo and create the first-ever Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella.

Episode 7

Series 3 · Episode 7

Gordon Ramsay’s F Word serves up more choice cuts of mischief and fabulous food.

Episode 8

Series 3 · Episode 8

The Army Lads take on the F Word's fifty female diners, without much success!

Episode 9

Series 3 · Episode 9

The final episode of the series saw Gordon cooking his very own hand-reared lamb.