Taste Takes Off

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Series 305 Episode Guide

Northern Thailand

Series 305 · Episode 1

Taste Takes Off to Chiangmai, the hub of northern Thailand and then north to the mountainous area which borders Burma and China. There’s much more to Thai cuisine than those red and green coconut cream curries. We tell the story of how cooking techniques were adapted form the countries that surround Thailand, and of the hot chillies which have become the hallmark of Thai cuisine.

Australia, North East Victoria

Series 305 · Episode 2

A gastro tour through this less well known but exceptionally scenic, historic and wine drenched area of Australia.


Series 305 · Episode 3

Peta travels to Vietnam, to Hanoi, a city of lakes, shaded boulevards and a bustling, vibrant old quarter and also to Hoi An, a picturesque old fishing town mid way along the country’s coast. Vietnam is a country that is verdant and fertile, and where French traditions mingle with Chinese. Its dishes are fresh and green and its national dish, pho, is a beef broth soup overflowing with clean tasty ingredients.

California, Napa Valley

Series 305 · Episode 4

Taste Takes Off to the world’s most famous wine tourism destination, Napa Valley, just north of San Francisco. We find in the valley there’s much more to sample than the wine.


Series 305 · Episode 5

Chile is a four thousand kilometer string-bean of a country that follows the Andes from the deserts of the north to the glaciers of the south. In between there’s thousands of valleys where life revolves around cattle, fruit and growing grapes. Chile’s culinary tradition came about largely a result of the encounters between two opposing cultures, the native Indians and the Spanish conquistadors.


Series 305 · Episode 6

Hawaii was one of the first places in the world where Asian food fused with western. The Asian styles, particularly Japanese, blended with an American culinary heritage to produce the world’s first Asian/Western fusion style cuisine.


Series 305 · Episode 7

The Chinese, Indian and Malay mix of cuisines. Peta catches up with an old friend, famous local TV and media chef, Chef Wan, friend of the royal family. Tropical fruits, durian and others. Cloves and cooking with cloves

Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Series 305 · Episode 8

Vancouver is surrounded by water and mountains and is ‘breathtaking beautiful’. It’s also a glorious place to eat. Vancouver Island has seen dramatic resurgence in artisan producers and organic produce. In fact Vancouver is rated and one of the top ten cities of the world. Peta Mathias sets out to find out why.


Series 305 · Episode 9

Fiji is the multicultural hub of the South Pacific and its food is a blend of ‘local’ or Fijian – Indian Chinese and Western influences.


Series 305 · Episode 10

It might be only an hour’s flight from Mexico City but the stunning old city of Oaxaca is a world away. Oaxaca is the gastronomic capital of Mexico and we visit while the town is in riotous festival mood . Little has changed foodwise for thousands of years. Chiles and squashes were grown as far back as 6500BC, corn as far back at 3500BC – these all remain key elements in the modern Mexican diet.