Simply Italian

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Series 1 Episode Guide

Linguine, Farfalle, Bologna, Ragu

Series 1 · Episode 1

The first episode is about getting started, as Michela shows how easy it is to make fresh pasta at home, without gadgets, and delicious pasta sauces. On the menu is linguine primavera and farfalle in an oozy mozzarella and tomato sauce.

Gnocchi, Torta, Pancake Nidi

Series 1 · Episode 3

Michela Chiappa explores some amazing variations of pasta, starting with gorgeous gnocchi tricolore served with a creamy hazelnut sauce, making them small and evenly sized so they stay light and fluffy.

Ravioli in Uovo, Pappardelle

Series 1 · Episode 4

In this final episode Michela Chiappa makes celebratory Italian dishes for her own wedding day. In Italy, Michela learns how to cook ravioli in uovo, containing individual egg yolks inside each raviolo. Then she makes silhouette pappardelle.