Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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Series 172 Episode Guide

Series 1 Nightmares Revisited - The Glass House

Series 172 · Episode 1

One year later Gordon is back at the Glass House. When he first went there it was in MELTDOWN: Saturday nights were a disaster, orders in the kitchen were going AWOL, the food wasn't cooked properly and the customers were complaining. Not only was the chef in tears, but the owner was so deep in debt that he'd switched his mobile phone off. Gordon worked a minor miracle and it looked like the Glass House had finally turned the corner. So have things really changed for the better?

Series 1 Nightmares Revisited - The Walnut Tree Inn

Series 172 · Episode 2

One year later Gordon revisits Francesco to see if he really has swallowed the Ramsay medicine and turned the Walnut Tree around. Last year it was in BIG TROUBLE, with no head chef and dwindling customers, and Francesco had been forced to sell the family home to keep the place afloat. Worse, as things went from bad to NIGHTMARE, he tried to run the kitchen as well as front of house. With its Michelin star in jeopardy, Gordon's priority was to recruit a new head chef so that Francesco could concentrate on his customers.

Series 1 Nightmares Revisited - Moore Place

Series 172 · Episode 3

One year later Gordon's back to see if Nick and Richard have managed to keep Moore Place on the right track. Last year, Moore Place was in CRISIS. Restaurant virgins Nick and Richard thought they'd got themselves a 24 carat WINNER when they bought the business. It seemed PERFECT. The reality: no customers, 70s cuisine and losing money by the hour. With a large dose of Ramsay medicine, the kitchen was organised, the food modernised, the menu overhauled and the dining room redecorated. Takings rose and the customers came back.

Series 1 Nightmares Revisited - Bonapartes

Series 172 · Episode 4

Last time around Bonapartes was a class A NIGHTMARE. Over a year later and Gordon returns to see whether anything's changed.