Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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Series 1 Nightmares Revisited - The Glass House

Series 172 · Episode 1

One year later Gordon is back at the Glass House. When he first went there it was in MELTDOWN: Saturday nights were a disaster, orders in the kitchen were going AWOL, the food wasn't cooked properly and the customers were complaining. Not only was the chef in tears, but the owner was so deep in debt that he'd switched his mobile phone off. Gordon worked a minor miracle and it looked like the Glass House had finally turned the corner. So have things really changed for the better? For starters, Neil has upped the advertising and introduced clearer, bolder signage. Now no one can say they can't find his restaurant. The menu is much more reasonably priced and the punters have responded: the Glass House is BUSY. And Neil - what a transformation! He's happier and IN CHARGE. For the first time in four years, Neil is actually enjoying being a fully-fledged restaurateur. It's a world of difference from a year ago but there have been big changes in the kitchen. Second chef Claire is still there having sold her bookshop, junior chef Ian is now running his own section, but Randal and Craig have moved on. But the biggest surprise of all? Richard has survived and is still head chef. Gordon's still not convinced that Richard has what it takes to run any kitchen, let alone the Glass House. So he plans to test Richard out with a bit of Ramsay PRESSURE. For one night only, Gordon agrees to be Richard's personal commis chef. Richard can tell Gordon to do ANYTHING he wants. Communication was Richard's big weakness, so if he can order Gordon around then he's truly mastered that particular skill. Unfortunately, it's not long before the s*** hits the Glass House fan. Some of the food's not cooked properly causing delays in the meals getting to the tables. But at least Richard's exercising some QUALITY CONTROL now, stopping any poor dishes from leaving the kitchen and damaging Neil and the Glass House's reputation. Better still, communication has really IMPROVED... but Richard is obviously frightened of Gordon (hey, who wouldn't be??!!) and hardly asked him to do anything other than... er, peel some carrots. Overall, the food and service is so much better than before - Richard has succeeded in building a strong team. And the customers seem HAPPY - there's over 30% more coming through the door. Best of all, Neil's takings are over 20% higher, despite prices being slashed. Neil wants the Glass House to improve even more, but there are real problems on the horizon. Claire and Ian are leaving to broaden their experience in London to work in... one of Gordon's restaurants. Richard has managed to find one replacement - Gareth, who, up until six weeks ago, was a bouncer. Can Richard build a new team to take the Glass House from strength to strength? Well, Gordon still has his doubts...

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