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About the Show

Ireland’s favourite chef, Rachel Allen is back with a third series providing the kind of delicious, easy-to-follow and inspiring recipes for which she has become famous.

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Posted by KrystynaCooksReport
Catherine please see my info to MARGO to find recipe for PORTER CAKE & also my info to KRISTY below as to how to get RACEL Allen's Recipes through her Brittish network I tried b4 I started trying to help you other reader for her Porter Cake - I thought I had it BUT sorry I do not any more) Anyway Good hunting once you go into BBC.CO/FOOD/CELEBRITY CHEFS for a picture of R.A. sitting down in red dress Also try UKTVFOOD.CO.UK for Chef Blogs on top left for more of heer recies
Posted by KrystynaCooksReport
To MARGO type in BBC.CO/FOOD/PORTER CAKE where you have "GOOGLE SEARCG" on your computer pree RETURN on your keyboard & you will get all info on PORTER CAKE there is a reference to RACEL ALLEN'S PORTER CAKE but NO RECIPE IF you scroll down this page to my reply to KRISTY you will see how to get into Rachel Allen's site and get up all her recipes Also if you go to UKTV.CO/FOOD & then go to CHEF BLOGS & bring up Rachel Allen they have at bottom of her "bio" TRY RACHELS RECIPES They have 39 - BBC.CO/FOOD/CELEBRITY CHEFS have 204 of her recipes GOOD LUCK
Posted by ElizabethReport
What is a Porter Cake?
Posted by KrystynaCooksReport
A Porter cake is a Fruit cake and Porter is a type of beer (like guiness beer I believe) A PORTER CAKE is also known as a GUINESS CAKE
Posted by MP72Report
Great show on Saturday the 25July on your show. Loved the christmas cakes and all the other cakes that where decorated, l missed the last bit of the show, you where making some type of cake for christmas with white icing all over it, can you please pass on the recipe thanks From
Posted by Mercy1Report
Personally I find Rachel Allen's shows easy to watch and understand - she actually gives you the measurements - have done about 5 of her dishes from the Rachel's Favourite food series and couldn't believe how good (and easy) they were. Did three of them for a luncheon for eleven 20 somethings - they raved about the food and one girl asked if I was a chef! Hilarious but true. The peperonata, lamb shoulder with cummin and fennel (I did it with lamb cutlets), cucumber risa, chocolate torte and for another day Rachel's quiche lorraine - all fabulous. Am a big fan - love it when you can cook it and it looks like it does on TV and tastes gorgeous.
Posted by Report
Irish women cooking LAMB doesn't do much for me. Why not bake a chicken and watch you don't get your breasts in it. Honestly is this a cooking show or soft porn. Gimme a break.
Posted by Report
you're just jealous! Rachel Allen is a great cooking instructor, if you'd just give her a chance, you'd learn something.
Posted by Report
sign me up!
Posted by KrystynaCooksReport
CHRISTIAN please read my info to MARGO above and also KRISTY below as to how to get up Rachel .Allens recipes but I could not get a recipe up for her PORTEER CAKE IF you type in the area of "GOOGLE search BBC.CO/FOOD/PORTER CAKE (on your computer) then press RETURN on your keyboard you will get all recipes for PORTER CAKE a FRUIT CAKE made with "PORTER" beer also known as a Guiness Cake