Planet Cake



Episode 8: Cake Facts and Stats

From bachelors to wedding bells, take a look at the cakes from episode 8 of Planet Cake.

More Decorating Techniques and Tools

Take a look at Paris Cutler's guide to key techniques and tools to help decorate your next cake creation.

How to Paint a Cake

Make your next cake a work of art with Paris Cutler's tips on how to paint a cake.

The Secret to Making Your Cakes Shine

Want to know the secret behind the sheen of Planet Cake's creation? Paris Cutler reveals all.

Cake Decorating Tips: Glue Icing and Zippers

Want to glue icing together or make icing zipppers? Planet Cake's Paris Cutler reveals how.

Episode 7: Cake Facts and Stats

What takes 60 hours to make and is 14 inches high and 12 inches wide?

Episode 6: Cake Facts and Stats

From Mad Hatters to Kate and Will's inspired wedding cake, take a look at the Planet Cake creations from episode 6 - they're fit for royalty!

Cake Decorating: Icing Rolls and Tassels

Learn how to make icing rolls and tassels for your next cake creation.

How to Make a Frill and a Bow

Decorate your cakes with pretty frills and bows, with these tips from Planet Cake's Paris Cutler.

How to Cover a Round Cake

Did you know that round cakes are the easiest to cover? Learn how with Paris Cutler's top tips to covering round cakes.