Planet Cake

About the Show

About the Show

This exciting new reality series follows the colourful daily operations of Planet Cake, one of Australia’s most renowned and revered cake businesses, under the tight reign of owner Paris Cutler. Known to her eclectic team of designers and decorators as “The Cake Queen”, Paris is a stickler for perfection and her attention to detail leaves no fondant flower unfinished.

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Posted by Linda33Report
Gee wizz... I came on here to see if the show is still running and read all this negativity about Paris and the show. Firstly, if you don't like Paris or the show, why not change the Chanel and watch something else. Why feel the need to come online and criticise a person, surely you have better things you could be doing with your time. And surely your smart enough to know that i) tv shows are edited so you won't always see the bigger picture ii) people perform for the camera. If the staff at planet cake are really that miserable, then why would they continue to work there? And if the staff at your (melb) course appeared happy, then there's a pretty big chance that they were. Just enjoy the show for what it is... A great display of creative cakes and stop criticising and ruining something that brings so much enjoyment to others (i.e. me!!!!) Linda Roumanos
Posted by Julie874Report
This show just came to the UK (it plays at 8am on the Food Network!). I don't understand how it is still on-air; clearly I am not the first to find Paris Cutler appalling. What a horror. How does anyone stay in that kitchen? How does her business keep thriving if this is her attitude? Terrible manager. She needs some yoga or something--and some lessons in people skills. Maybe some English lessons in words like empathy and compassion?
Posted by Julie874Report
Ahh, looks like this might not be on-air anymore? Or even in business? Anyone know anything further to this?
Posted by ohsevenphiveReport
I've watched a few episodes recently and I congratulate Paris on her hard work on nurturing Planet Cake into the success it is. This is especially pertinent considering her appalling attitude, lack of communication and team leadership skills and clear inability to manage people.
Posted by JenniferReport
Do they make other flavour beside the 2 Chocolate Mud cakes
Posted by NonelleReport
I've tried to watch Planet Cake but I can't the minute it starts and I here that woman talking I turn it over, even if I am in another room.
Posted by JHAReport
Well, I must say I am seems a lot of you know the whole Planet Cake story after watching a 1 x 30 minute program per week. Here's the can you explain knowing so much about the life of Planet Cake and Paris Cutler the other 167.5 hours of that week? Sounds like we have some smart people out there. Let me fill you in for those other 167.5 hours...I have seen things such as former, trusted staff, involved in shafting Paris through lightweight topics such as theft and manipulation. I know some of you are great fans of some of these people...this would lead one to question your integrity perhaps? I only said "perhaps". Maybe you don't know about these past deceit and goings on...of course you weren't to know about past goings people with negative remarks weren't there for the other 167.5 hours...I'll say this...I was there for the other 167.5 hours. This is Paris' partner. We live together and what I haven't heard about the things you don't know about is inside of what would be considered "normal". Paris has done things from the bottom of her heart that have been to her detriment. These things you may never know what they don't need only need to know that you don't know the whole story. P.S the person talking about the Dragon Boat must have missed the Opera House cake, which weighed just under 1.4 Tonnes and was 3.6 metres long. That's a lot of polystyrene, maybe enough to fill several 50m swimming pools? (I know, I created working drawings on CAD program that the nucleus of the cake was built from, and sorted out scale, weight etc).
Posted by JenniferReport
Ok i agree we don't see the other 167.5 hours & we dont know the staff or Paris personally and we haven't seen anyone shafting Paris through lightweight topics such as theft and manipulation on the show we can only go off what is shown on the show & on the show so far Paris has treated her staff appallingly and has not worked on a single cake so we have been unable to see her skill level. The Dragon Cake was smaller then ordered as per what Paris said on the show. The Opera House cake is only shown in the shows opening credits there has not been an episode on it yet also as per your comment it is made out of polystrene and not edible cake or edible materials so it may have been enought to fill several 50m pool but could you eat it like the cakes on Cake Boss he has made a life side cow a city block and others that have taken 6 to 10 people to lift and they were made out of cake,rice crispy treats, fondant & modelling chocolate again all edible and yes he does make some cakes using polystyrene but only when the custom is going to display the cake for weeks or month as cake would go bad
Posted by Robynne2Report
Why are all the cakes mainly made of polystyrene isn't that unhealthy?
Posted by NadiaReport
I couldn't agree more with the other comments here. Paris, you are doing nothing for your business. Before I saw the show, I had done a Planet Cake course in Melbourne and the staff were so fun and happy that I thought it must be a marvelous place to work. Now I realise they were just so excited to get away from Paris. Buddy runs rings around you honey, and his cakes are EDIBLE. Not just a slab of chocolate mud cake with polystyrene on top. Your claims are misleading and deceptive (and embarrassing) and you should stop them before somebody sues your pants off.