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Series 2 Episode Guide

Faroe Islands

Series 2 · Episode 1

Situated north of Scotland, living on this collection of islands has always been a struggle for survival. Tareq comes to understand what is in the soul of the Faroese, and why their cuisine has developed the way it has.

Midtjylland, Denmark

Series 2 · Episode 2

Tareq pays a visit to the western part of Denmark, exploring the region called Midtjylland. Farmers and food innovators work closely with nature to prepare food with the area's plentiful herbs and award-winning seafood.

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Åland (Part 2)

Series 2 · Episode 3

After making an initial trip to Åland in Season 1, Tareq goes back to explore more of this island territory. He finds a chef who is setting up a huge food village and learns about beer being recreated from 200 year old DNA.

Tornedalen, Sweden

Series 2 · Episode 4

A rushing river has provided for locals for centuries, and the very fertile land has yielded amazing crops for centuries. Tareq explores the traditions and the food that are part of the short summer season of Tornedalen.

Nordjylland, Denmark

Series 2 · Episode 5

At the northern-most part of Denmark, you are always close to raw, beautiful nature and incredible sunlight. Tareq visits a salt maker using medieval techniques and an aquarium where he gets up close to the fish.

Øst Danmark

Series 2 · Episode 6

East Denmark contains some of Denmark's most fertile lands, and many formerly traditional farmers are converting to organic production and winning awards for their specialist cheeses and wine.

Kristianstad, Sweden

Series 2 · Episode 7

Located in Sweden's south, Kristianstad is a town surrounded by the ocean, fertile farmland and protected wetlands to aid the environment. Tareq makes his own chocolate and learns all about the art of eel-fishing.

Sydvestjylland, Denmark

Series 2 · Episode 8

Tareq visits a unique area in Denmark made up of small villages, tiny islands and beautiful coastlines. Many food innovators are using the surrounding environment to take old traditions and apply them to the 21st century.

Nynashamn, Sweden

Series 2 · Episode 9

Nynashamn is a resort town, but there is more here than the sea. Tareq meets a prize-winning chocolate maker who uses ingredients from her garden, visits a thriving local food market, and gets a lesson in how to smoke fish.

Røros, Norway

Series 2 · Episode 10

Born as a mining town in the 17th century, Røros is now a centre for local and organic food producers. Tareq tries dairy products which Michelin-starred chefs swear by and goes sledding around Røro's many hilly streets.

Vimmerby, Sweden

Series 2 · Episode 11

Tareq visits Vimmerby, an area well-regarded for its cuisine. From the children's theme park who only serves locally produced, healthy food to the friendly moose that roam the hills, Vimmerby has a lot to offer visitors.

Trysil, Norway

Series 2 · Episode 12

Months of snowfall in Trysil means this town has to be creative when it comes to what they can do locally. Tareq learns how to make cheese in the traditional way, and takes to the slopes to cook something as skiers pass by.