Masterchef: The Professionals

Episode Guide

Series 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 12 · Episode 1

Over 7 weeks, 48 professional chefs will face the rigours of the Masterchef kitchen before one is crowned this year's culinary superstar.

Episode 2

Series 12 · Episode 2

Each chef has to face the dreaded skills test. Under the scrutiny of all 3 judges, the initial moments for any competitor are nerve-wracking, as their knowledge, palate and experience are weighed up.

Episode 3

Series 12 · Episode 3

First up the chefs are challenged to an Invention Test, centred around The Judges Favourite Ingredient. This week, Marcus selects from every kitchen around the world- rice.

Episode 4

Series 12 · Episode 4

First, is the infamous Skills Test, followed by a chance to cook their own unique Signature Dish for the judges.

Episode 5

Series 12 · Episode 5

It's the second heat of the week, and 6 more of the UK's most determined chefs make the journey to the Masterchef kitchen, ready to fight for the coveted title.

Episode 6

Series 12 · Episode 6

First up, the chefs face an Invention Test, featuring a particular ingredient. This week, Monica has selected a favourite, found at the heart of many cuisines, the onion.

Episode 7

Series 12 · Episode 7

In just 15 minutes, professionals will have to show they can muster this classic french sandwich to Michelin-starred standards. The remaining 3 chefs face a test set by Monica.

Episode 8

Series 12 · Episode 8

To begin their fight for the coveted title, the chefs face the dreaded Skills Test. 3 chefs face what could be the toughest 20 minutes of their careers, set by Marcus.

Episode 9

Series 12 · Episode 9

The chefs face an Invention Test, featuring one key favourite ingredient selected by the judges. This week, Marcus wants them to create a dish that uses coffee to its full potential.

Episode 10

Series 12 · Episode 10

The chefs will be whisking, and quite possibly wishing they had brushed up on their plant-based cuisine, when Monica asks them to cook a braised artichoke with saffron aquafaba mayonnaise.

Episode 11

Series 12 · Episode 11

The contestants will be hoping to wow the judges with their take on Monica's dish of Oeufs Meurette.

Episode 12

Series 12 · Episode 12

The professionals face an Invention Test, in which the key ingredient specially selected by the judges must feature.

Episode 13

Series 12 · Episode 13

After 4 weeks of intense competition, the 12 most talented chefs remain from the initial 48. Tonight, for the first time, they all come together in the Masterchef kitchen.

Episode 14

Series 12 · Episode 14

Only 10 outstanding chefs remain in the competition and they have been split into 2 groups of 5. The first group is set two daunting challenges by Monica and Marcus.

Episode 15

Series 12 · Episode 15

Tonight, the second group of 5 chefs face two intense challenges set by Monica and Marcus in a bid to become Semi-Finalists.

Episode 16

Series 12 · Episode 16

The remaining 8 chefs brace themselves to cook up a storm as they face a double beast of a challenge in the Masterchef ktichen.

Episode 17

Series 12 · Episode 17

Tonight, the first 3 remaining Semi-Finalists battle it out for a place in The Finals. They are given the opportunity to work alongside one of the UK's most exciting chefs.

Episode 18

Series 12 · Episode 18

It's the last Semi Final and the second group of chefs is in close competition for a place in The Finals.

Episode 19

Series 12 · Episode 19

Over the next 3 nights, the finalists will face the close scrutiny of some of Britain's greatest chefs, and immerse themselves in a world-class kitchen.

Episode 20

Series 12 · Episode 20

In tonight's penultimate challenge, the 4 remaining chefs fight to secure their place to be one of the final 3.

Episode 21

Series 12 · Episode 21

Now, just 3 chefs remain. This will be the last time they cook in the competition and the evening will end with one of them receiving the ultimate prize.