Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen

Episode Guide

Series 7 Episode Guide

Two Italian-American Classics

Series 7 · Episode 701

Take pleasure in the most sensual of foods-filet mignon and chocolate!

Something Old, Something New

Series 7 · Episode 702

Lidia shows how to prepare polenta as an alternative side to go with classic short ribs.

Dinner In Minutes

Series 7 · Episode 703

Lidia proves that a wonderful meal doesn't always take hours to prepare, dessert included!

Rustic Dinner

Series 7 · Episode 704

Lidia cooks a meal that is sure to delight the "meat" and "potatoes" crowd.

A Visit To The Butcher

Series 7 · Episode 705

Lidia guides us through the process of preparing oxtail in two tasty ways.

Snack Time

Series 7 · Episode 706

Lidia cooks a home Italian meal with the help of her grandchildren.

Seafood Masterpiece

Series 7 · Episode 707

Lidia prepares a hearty seafood feast with a twist on garlic bread to soak up the sauce.

Top Chops

Series 7 · Episode 708

Lidia livens up traditional veal chops.

An Informal Seaside Dinner

Series 7 · Episode 709

Lidia and her son, Joe Bastianich, cook a simple, but delicious of course, seafood feast.

Seaside Kitchen III

Series 7 · Episode 710

Lidia and Joe liven up traditional capellini with a seafood twist.

Sausage Making

Series 7 · Episode 711

Lidia shows how to make the homemade version of a popular meat.

Dinner In Rome

Series 7 · Episode 712

Lidia aims to please when she shows how to cook this aroma-rich meal.

A Midsummer Meal

Series 7 · Episode 713

Lidia demonstrates how to cook for the season with this delightful meal sure to satisfy.