Lidia's Italian Table

Episode Guide

Series 6 Episode Guide

Half-Hour Chicken Dinners

Series 6 · Episode 601

Lidia shows viewers how to prepare delicious chicken dinners in a flash.

Gnocci Fest

Series 6 · Episode 602

Learn the basics and beyond for preparing this alternative to pasta.

A Sicilian Menu

Series 6 · Episode 603

Lidia visits the cuisine of the island of Sicily with her friend Fortunata.

A Winter Dinner

Series 6 · Episode 604

In the kitchen with Joe, Erminia and Giovanni, Lidia creates a cozy menu for a winter's night.

A Pasta Chronology

Series 6 · Episode 605

Lidia leads us through three unique pasta preparations.

A Lesson In Risotto

Series 6 · Episode 606

Learn how to prepare this classic Italian dish with Lidia's expert guidance.

Cooking With Bread

Series 6 · Episode 607

Lidia shows us how to insert bread into delicious recipes.

Give It A Fry

Series 6 · Episode 608

It's easier than you think to fry food at home, and Lidia shows us how.


Series 6 · Episode 609

Lidia shows us her Italian twist on an American favourite.

Pasta Time

Series 6 · Episode 610

Get creative with these three new, thoroughly modern pasta recipes.

Fresh Pasta Bolognese

Series 6 · Episode 611

With her son, Joe, in the kitchen, Lidia shows us two ways to prepare a classic dish.

Sunday Chicken Dinner

Series 6 · Episode 612

Lidia offers two dishes that add up to a delicious Sunday dinner.

Light & Quick

Series 6 · Episode 613

When there's no time to cook, try these quick options from Lidia.