Licence To Grill

Episode Guide

Series 5 Episode Guide

Friday Night BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 79

It's Friday night and Rob is having a party!

BBQ Brunch

Series 5 · Episode 80

Rob gives his friends a wake up call with a big BBQ brunch. Smoked back bacon, breakfast frittatas, smoked salmon, and a morning cocktail give them all fresh start to the day.

Cannonball Party

Series 5 · Episode 81

Robby throws his annual cannonball and belly flop competition. He creates quite a splash with the contestants by grilling up Tex Mex pork ribs, and chocolate banana burritos.

United Way BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 82

Rob has auctioned off his BBQ talents to the United Way and the charitable people who bought his dinner have a feast awaiting them.

Michael's Birthday Bash

Series 5 · Episode 83

Rob loves to poke fun at Michael's age so he's throwing him a birthday party complete with smoked ribs, grilled summer squash, shellfish tortellini kabobs, and a big birthday cake.

The Beach Party

Series 5 · Episode 84

Rob takes the party to the beach with pulled pork sandwiches, grilled chicken drumsticks, grilled lemongrass shrimp, coleslaw and a banana spud salad.

Dragonboat Races Party

Series 5 · Episode 85

Rob and his friends row to the finish line and celebrate the dragon boat races with a BBQ feast - Asian spiced lamb burgers, thai spiced trout, smoked duck and grilled rice cakes.

Nascar BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 86

Start your engines – Rob cooks up a bbqed nascar nibbly bonanza with spicy coconut ribs, jalapeno stuffed pork tenderloin, hot chicken fingers and potato wedges, grilled corn, smoked shrimp and veggies, and a delicious Pasta & broccoli salad.

Fight Night Party

Series 5 · Episode 87

The heavyweight title is on the line and Rob and his friends are getting ready to rumble with smoked turkey quesadillas, and sauces that are bound to knock you out!

CD Release Party

Series 5 · Episode 88

Rob celebrates his friends first CD release with a superstar BBQ including smoked turkey breast with a spicy apricot glaze, soy glazed back cod, and a grilled antipasto salad.

Doc's Celebration

Series 5 · Episode 89

Rob’s friend has graduated from medical school and Rob throws a celebration bbq in her honour. They feast on smoked lemon and herb leg of lamb, roasted carrot soup, smoked pork bell and a light pasta salad.

Greek Feast

Series 5 · Episode 90

It's all Greek at Robby's when he grills up smoked dill and shallot trout, leg of lamb, port marinated fig, stuffed peppers and lemon anchovy flavoured potatoes.

Texas Hold'em Party

Series 5 · Episode 91

Rob feeds a full house of his poker buddies with smoked beef ribs, smoked trout, potato skins, grilled shrimp and a curried slaw. It's a sure bet the boys left with a full stomach!

3 on 3 Tourny

Series 5 · Episode 92

Rob and the boys train for the big 3 on 3 b-ball tournament and feast on grilled tandoori chicken, salmon cakes, pork satay, grilled potato chips and a roasted red pepper salad.

Just Another Pool Party

Series 5 · Episode 93

The sun is shining, the pool is full and the food is hot. While his friends frolic poolside, Rob grills up some rum and mint grilled chicken wings, and smoked salmon and crab rolls.

Fishboy's Birthday Surprise

Series 5 · Episode 94

Fishboy is having a birthday and Rob’s keeping the party a secret. Rob prepares nothing but the best including cedar smoked artic char, lobster tails with champagne sauce, sweet potatoes in a cinnamon butter, and roasted artichokes with lemon-saffron mayo.

Off to the Academy Party

Series 5 · Episode 95

Rob’s friend is off to the Police Academy so he cooks him a bon voyage meal with grilled sausage stuffed cabbage, charcoal rotisserie chicken, smoked veal roast, broccoli salad and baked potatoes.

Brick Breaking Bash

Series 5 · Episode 96

Rob’s friend bets him the cost of a BBQd dinner that he can break ten boards with his head. To keep it interesting he grills up a dinner of champions – grilled five spice flavoured quail, hickory smoked veal and spinach stuffed beef roast, grilled mushrooms and a grilled beet salad.

Summertime Jazz

Series 5 · Episode 97

Rob and his friends enjoy a BBQed dinner of grilled brie and port soaked cranberries, stuffed chicken breasts, and roasted stuffed pears before the outdoor Jazz festival.

Golf Clinic BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 98

Rob and his friends need to brush up on their golf game so their set up a clinic and Rob fires up the grill. He preps proscuitto wrapped shrimp, stuffed grilled snapper, slow smoked stuffed veal roast, grilled cornmeal cakes and a couple of great salads.

Scavenger Hunt BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 99

The scavenger hunt is on and Rob cooks up apple and herb stuffed pork chops, grilled clams, stuffed zucchinis, and twice grilled spuds.

The Slo Pitch BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 100

It’s the annual Slow pitch game and Rob treats everyone to a homerun bbq with rostisserie game hens, bbqed ham with a nectarine chutney, grilled corn relish, a carrot and cranberry casserole, and a sweet potato casserole.

Summertime Christmas

Series 5 · Episode 101

Rob throws a Christmas bbq party in the summer. He uses it as an excuse to smoke a whole turkey, grill some asparagus and beets, serve up a wile mushroom tart and make a summertime bread pudding.

Picture Perfect BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 102

Rob pulls out all the stops for an array of bbqed dishes designed for print. He amazes the local rag photographer and reporter covering his grilling talents and some friends with a feast with blackberry & mint rubbed lamb, smoked pork , corm tamales, and grilled halibut.

The Sauce Contest

Series 5 · Episode 103

BBQed chow is only as good as the sauce that dresses it so Rob invites some friends to dig in and ate his new saucy recipes. His friends judge his homemade ketchup on juicy burgers, a tangy smoked peach bbq sauce with pork ribs, grilled halibut with a mango ginger sauce and a rhubarb plum chutney on a tender beef sirloin tip.

No Big Deal BBQ

Series 5 · Episode 104

Dinner is done with style at Rob’s tonight with smoked tuna with a ponzu sauce, a daikon and carrot salad, lamb and fig kabobs, curried chicken kabobs, a cucumber salad and grilled pineapple with sugar wontons is a closer.