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Episode Guide

Series 2 Episode Guide

Pumpkin & Squash

Series 2 · Episode 1

Jamie has a bumper crop this year and takes them to the kitchen to make a mouth-watering salad of roast duck and pumpkin with an Asian-style dressing.


Series 2 · Episode 2

A lack of mushrooms in Jamie's garden inspires to him to go in search in his local forest, taking along his mentor, Gennaro. Back home, Jamie shows us how to create the perfect mushroom risotto.

Peppers & Chillies

Series 2 · Episode 3

Jamie gets hot, hot, hot in this episode as he tackles peppers and chillies. Roasted peppers stuffed with tomato and chilli make a delicious snack and Jamie experiments with a way to smoke salmon on a domestic stove.

Furred Game

Series 2 · Episode 4

Most people think nothing of eating a chicken but what about a rabbit? Jamie makes some great game recipes starting with his very own Essex fried rabbit.


Series 2 · Episode 5

Jamie explores what the garden has proffered and takes his finds to the kitchen to make a seasonal coleslaw. The brassica family are still going strong in the garden too and Jamie makes a delicious, Italian cabbage soup.


Series 2 · Episode 6

Jamie shows us how to make a simple, short crust pastry that is versatile for sweet or savoury dishes. The heights of puff pastry are also explored as Jamie makes the most scrumptious steak, Guinness & cheese pie.

Feathered Game

Series 2 · Episode 7

Jamie has been invited on a local shoot and uses the opportunity to explore the world of delicious game bird. Jamie applies Asian, European and traditional British cooking principles to get the best flavour out of each bird.


Series 2 · Episode 8

Jamie devotes a whole day to the humble, under-rated leek. Not only are they a beautiful plant, they're also a versatile asset in the kitchen. Jamie makes a delicious pappardelle featuring slow roasted leeks.


Series 2 · Episode 9

Jamie collects the eggs that his healthy hens have laid and heads for the kitchen. He makes a delicious homemade egg tagliatelle and an omelette salad with bresaola.


Series 2 · Episode 10

The quality of ingredients makes all the difference to a dish and lamb is no exception. Jamie cooks up a delicious lamb recipes including crunchy grilled lamb kebabs and an incredible roasted shoulder of lamb.

Winter Salad

Series 2 · Episode 11

From Italian leaves to roots and hardy herbs, a quick trip round Jamie's veg patch produces an army of colourful ingredients to make inspired winter salads.


Series 2 · Episode 12

Having sadly been neglected for more exotic imports, rhubarb is finally having a resurgence. Jamie proves how versatile rhubarb can be with a rhubarb, pork and noodle dish followed by a rhubarb and ginger souffle.


Series 2 · Episode 13

With a short six week season, asparagus is something to really treasure. Jamie has his very own patch and is keen to make the most of it so he's having asparagus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, starting off with boiled eggs and asparagus soldiers.