Iron Chef America

About the Show

About the Show

Based on the format of the Japanese cult sensation, Iron Chef America carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed “secret ingredient”. Hosted by culinary commentator Alton Brown, each week world-class chefs battle the legendary Iron Chefs of America in a culinary duel.

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Posted by melrockReport
this is like my must see show every night. I dont have a fav chef cause they are all great. And it's amazing what they come up with, with diffrent ingrediant.
Posted by chrissy_5011Report
Mario Batali is my favourite Chef on this show. Love to watch Iron Chef America.
Posted by Katie83Report
Love this show! I would love an Australian one too :)
Posted by Mercy1Report
I must be missing something. I loved the Japanese Iron Chef - bit quirky. Detest the American one - I don't see that it has anything to offer and can't understand why it is on - night after night after night. But then, I must remember that I am only one voice out in the world and others have a right to watch programs they enjoy.
Posted by soko79Report
the original was ok but this show just has no appeal to me what so ever
Posted by jackicamReport
I think this show is on-the-edge-of-your-seat brilliant. Especially when they get some out there surprise ingredient like chickpeas or something that I'd find limiting. I LOVED when Bobby Flay cooked Green eggs and Ham and beat the swanky food the other guy did : )
Posted by AN30Report
I am having an ongoing argument with my partner regarding the opening scene. I say that all 3 Iron Chefs are there... ( Strange how on the long shot you dont see the others ..Cat ).. She says they are cardboard cutouts as the facial expressions , and stance are the same for EVERY SHOW. ! And why DONT we see Cat or her large photo when the competitor walks down the ramp.

HELP ! Save the arguments someone PLEASE !
Posted by shazzabazzReport
I have yet to see a challenger win, even though I would rather eat their dishes than the Iron Chefs, but I suppose thats America for you not liking to think out of the box. Maybe a challenger will win before I get to bored with it.
Posted by SwanetteReport
I cant wait till 11am - 12pm everyday. The ingredients are always a surprise. These chefs are unreal
Posted by kazza15Report
Watched the original, just hope this one is just as fun, will just have to wait and see.