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Episode 11

Series 19 · Episode 11

All chefs compete in the inaugural 'Spell's Kitchen' word scramble challenge and cook-off. Tonight HK is closed to the public and hosts a multi-course meal for charity, honouring 2 foundations.

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    1 November: 9:30pm on Lifestyle

Episode 12

Series 19 · Episode 12

Back at Hell's Kitchen, the chefs will compete in 3 difficult challenges to prove if they are worthy of a Black Jacket.

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    1 November: 10:30pm on Lifestyle

Episode 13

Series 19 · Episode 13

The first challenge with all black jackets, the chefs will be competing to make a unique dish with ingredients appearing along the way.

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    1 November: 11:30pm on Lifestyle

Episode 14

Series 19 · Episode 14

Sous Chefs Jason and Christina strom into the dorms as club music bleeds in from the dining room. The chefs have 30 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to serve 40 portions to the club goers who will then judge.

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    2 November: 12:25am on Lifestyle

Episode 15

Series 19 · Episode 15

The finalists face one more challenge before their final dinner service, and they're each paired with a Sous Chef to prepare.

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    2 November: 1:15am on Lifestyle
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    2 November: 9:25am on Lifestyle

Episode 16

Series 19 · Episode 16

The following morning, both teams prepare for the most important dinner service of their lives.

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    2 November: 9:30pm on Lifestyle
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    3 November: 3:15am on Lifestyle
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    3 November: 9:05am on Lifestyle
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    8 November: 10:10pm on Lifestyle