Great British Food Revival

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Strawberries and Watercress

Series 3 · Episode 1

Michelin starred chef Michel Roux Jr is determined to persuade us that there is more to the British strawberry than one variety and ropes in the Wimbledon presenting team to help him and James Martin discovers that sales of watercress have plummeted and sets out to try and reverse this trend.

Rasberries and Rabbit

Series 3 · Episode 2

Masterchefs Gregg Wallace champions British raspberries as he discovers there’s a deadly enemy threatening its survival. Our rabbit population is at its highest since 1950, and Clarissa Dickson Wright wants to revive our culinary heritage and get them back in our cooking pots.

Trout and Ice cream

Series 3 · Episode 3

Renowned chef Raymond Blanc tries his hand at the ancient art of coracle fishing while campaigning to get trout back onto our plates and Great British Bake-off star Mary Berry is shocked to discover that her favourite treat only has to contain two and half per cent milk protein to be called ice cream and fights to revive real dairy ice cream.

Mustard and Venison

Series 3 · Episode 4

Ainsley Harriot is on a mission to revive our taste for traditional British mustards and Valentine Warner goes stalking for wild deer as he campaigns to get us all eating more venison.

Mushrooms and Offal

Series 3 · Episode 5

It's a match made in heaven, as Antonio Carluccio goes in search of the hidden world of British mushrooms. Matt Tebbutt takes on the culinary equivalent of climbing Everest by championing offal.

Sardines and Gooseberries

Series 3 · Episode 6

Giorgio Locatelli campaigns for the revival of the British sardine. They thrive in the sea off Cornwall but shockingly we hardly eat any of them and he's determined to find out why.

Shrimp and Duck

Series 3 · Episode 7

Glynn Purnell is determined to revive the fortunes of the British brown shrimp which we've virtually given up on, in favour of imported prawns. John Torode fights for the Aylesbury duck, one of our oldest duck breeds.

Cured Ham and Asparagus

Series 3 · Episode 8

Tom Kerridge champions our remaining artisan producers of traditional cured ham and encourages us all to seek out this delicious meat and thinks too much of it's not up to scratch.

Real Ale and Carrots

Series 3 · Episode 9

Only 15 percent of beer sold in pubs is real ale, and Angela Harnett champions it's revival as she challenges a group of kitten heeled city women to get rid of their prejudices and swap their wine for ale.

Oats and Beans

Series 3 · Episode 10

Allegra McEvedy champions the humble little oat and discovers that there is much more to it than just porridge. Recently we've lost three quarters of our runner bean fields, and Gary Rhodes fights for it's revival.