Great British Bake Off

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Series 4 Episode Guide


Series 4 · Episode 1

Thirteen contestants battle it out to be named Britain's best amateur baker, facing tasks from judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. They must first make a sandwich cake, before having to follow Mary's recipe for angel food cake.


Series 4 · Episode 2

The 12 remaining contenders face three tasks designed to test their bread-making skills, beginning by making 36 perfectly thin and crispy bread sticks. For the technical challenge they have to prepare a batch of English muffins.


Series 4 · Episode 3

Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood assess the 11 remaining contestants' dessert-making skills, beginning with a signature trifle combining biscuit, cake, jelly or custard in distinct layers.

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    22 September: 1:00am on Lifestyle

Pies and Tarts

Series 4 · Episode 4

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood assess how the contestants cope with making pies. They begin with signature double-crusted fruit pies, make custard tarts and finish by creating pies made with filo pastry for the showstopper.

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    23 September: 1:20am on Lifestyle

Biscuits and Traybakes

Series 4 · Episode 5

Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood assess how the remaining contestants cope with preparing biscuits and traybakes. The bakers construct biscuit towers, but who will crumble under the pressure of the showstopper?

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    24 September: 1:10am on Lifestyle

Sweet Dough

Series 4 · Episode 6

The contestants face three tasks involving sweet dough and begin by making signature tea loaves, presenting judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with everything from a Devonshire-inspired panettone to Welsh bara brith.

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    25 September: 1:05am on Lifestyle