Great BBQ Challenge

Episode Guide

Series 310 Episode Guide

Heat 1 - Beach Party

Series 310 · Episode 1

Great BBQ Challenge kicks off with a beach party and our first BBQ-ers Andrew, Barbara & Jayne and William (Bill) all step up to the hotplate for the chance to become Australia best BBQ-er.

Heats Highlights

Series 310 · Episode H001

Re-live all the highlights of the seven weeks of Great BBQ Challenge heats as the 21 contestants battle it out to be Australia’s best BBQ’er.

Heat 2 - Asian Bazaar

Series 310 · Episode 2

Margaret, Bona and Rita are our second round of BBQ-ers grilling their way towards the $25,000 prize money but will the ingredients from the Asian Bazaar prove to be their undoing.

Semi Finals Highlights

Series 310 · Episode H002

Re-live the highlights of this week’s Great BBQ Challenge semi finals as the remaining ten contestants are simmered down to six.

Heat 3 - Bush Tucker

Series 310 · Episode 3

Amelita, David and Hayley are up for a real challenge as they take their places behind the hotplate and rustle up some bush tucker on tonight's episode.

Heat 4 - Aussie Christmas

Series 310 · Episode 4

Christmas comes early on the Great BBQ Challenge as Tibor, Gabrielle and Jason cook up an Aussie Christmas feast on the BBQ.

Heat 5 - Seafood Safari

Series 310 · Episode 5

It's a swinging seafood safari on Great BBQ Challenge and Fenton, Lisette and Laz are all grilling for their chance to be one of the last 3 people through to the semi finals.

Heat 6 - Kids Feast

Series 310 · Episode 6

Katie, Ivan and Sandy jump behind the hotplate and cook up a kids feast for tonight's episode, who will win and are their any wildcards left for the losers?

Heat 7 - Retro Pool Party

Series 310 · Episode 7

Great BBQ Challenge throws a retro pool party for Sophie, Richard & Kathy and George to find out who will be the last BBQ-er through to the semi finals.

Semi Final - 1 - BREAKFAST

Series 310 · Episode 8

The big boys go head to head when Gold Coast teacher and talented cook Jason takes on the explosive chef Fenton from Brisbane.

Semi Final - 2 - CANAPES

Series 310 · Episode 9

The mistresses of the home kitchen go head to head in this episode with Sydneysider Rita taking on Brisbanite Katie.

Semi Final - 3 - FISH

Series 310 · Episode 10

Mags from Ballarat comes up against the big bear Ivan from Melbourne in tonight’s semi final.

Semi Final - 4 - SMOKING

Series 310 · Episode 11

Sydney goes head to head in this semi final with unflappable Dave taking on the talkative duo, Richard and Kathy.

Semi Final - 5 - BURGER

Series 310 · Episode 12

The battle of the young turks gets underway when heartthrob Bill from Darwin goes head to head with heartbreaker Sophie from Melbourne.

Finals - Survivor Challenge

Series 310 · Episode 13

Our seven Great BBQ Challenge finalists get back to basics in a ‘Survivor’-style boot camp.

Finals - Sausage Sizzle Challenge

Series 310 · Episode 14

The remaining six BBQ-ers have to manage and run a sausage sizzle for a bunch of children attending an athletics carnival.

Finals - Teppanyaki Challenge

Series 310 · Episode 15

In probably the most demanding challenge of all, the final four Great BBQ Challenge contestants will have to perfect the art of Teppanyaki.

Finals - Top Notch Grill Challenge

Series 310 · Episode 16

The penultimate episode provides the opportunity for the final three to cook a signature dish – this time in a top restaurant for a table of chefs and food writers.

Live Grand Finale

Series 310 · Episode 17

LifeStyle FOOD has been searching for Australia’s # 1 BBQ’er and in the live grand finale tonight, the winner will be revealed!