Floyd's Fjord Fiesta

Episode Guide

Series 1 Episode Guide


Series 1 · Episode 1

In Stavanger, Floyd cooks, what else but fish for the crowd, then travels north to the island of Rost, where he takes a fishing boat out to a nearby island and cooks puffin!

Norway 2

Series 1 · Episode 2

Floyd cooks atop a frozen lake, then travels by snow scooter in search of a Reindeer herd, and amidst the herd rather bravely cooks reindeer hearts. Then he's got a bear to cook.


Series 1 · Episode 4

Floyd heads to Copenhagen which he finds to have a very bohemian flavour. Then he travels to Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, where he cooks a medieval meal.


Series 1 · Episode 5

On the Norwegian Coastal Express Floyd prepares dinner for the Captain and crew, then on shore leave in Sweden he helps pull the morning's herring catch and cooks it on the quayside.


Series 1 · Episode 6

After experiencing Stockholm, the Venice of the North, Floyd travels to a Chateau to sample some sparkling wines, and then prepares four fish dishes on a small boat on a lake.

Norway 3

Series 1 · Episode 7

Floyd travels by seaplane to a remote western corner of Norway where a single family makes a living from goat-farming, then it's off to a wooden hotel on a fjord-side.