Extreme Cake Makers

Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 4 · Episode 1

Today, reputations are on the line, as 3 of our cake makers aim to impress at the world's most prestigious cake show, Cake International.

Episode 2

Series 4 · Episode 2

It's another challenging day for our extreme cake makers as they make a high-flying show biz sponge, a Remembrance Day centrepiece, and a cake take on an iconic military vehicle.

Episode 3

Series 4 · Episode 3

Former tattoo artist turned cake maker Ben Cullen feels the pressure as he's asked to make a caricature of a cake maker for this 50th birthday party.

Episode 4

Series 4 · Episode 4

Today, cake artist Michelle's cake world almost comes crashing down as she tackles a 3ft wide rotating planet earth cake to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a travel guide.

Episode 5

Series 4 · Episode 5

Today, fondant meets fashion for an 8th birthday celebration as Karisha attempts to please not just her, but 2 friends as well as they hold a joint birthday party.

Episode 6

Series 4 · Episode 6

Molly digs deep for her latest commission as her Gran needs a cake to celebrate Older Peoples' Day.

Episode 7

Series 4 · Episode 7

In London, cake maker Nastassja's pushing the boat out for her latest commission to celebrate little Noah's first birthday.

Episode 8

Series 4 · Episode 8

Ben must deliver a cake with a real bite as he makes a shark's head as a surprise for a 60th birthday. Sculpted from vanilla and chocolate sponge, it comes with realistic eyes and a set of pointy sugar paste teeth.

Episode 9

Series 4 · Episode 9

Nastassja attempts an edible baby's mobile suspended 4 and a half feet off the ground for a little boy's first birthday.

Episode 10

Series 4 · Episode 10

Lancashire baker Molly, hopes to make a splash with her next cake as she's asked to bake a cake replica of a very special carp.

Episode 11

Series 4 · Episode 11

More extreme challenges as this time Ben's asked for a cake 'take' on a much loved motor for a surprise 21'st birthday cake.

Episode 12

Series 4 · Episode 12

Today, 2 very different birthday commissions, and technology and cake collide for a 20th anniversary. Molly tackles a tricky T-Rex 4th birthday cake for a dinosaur crazy little boy's big day.

Episode 13

Series 4 · Episode 13

Somerset film set stylist, turned baker Zoe's first cake requires a trick of the light, as she tackles a Swan Lantern cake to celebrate the end of a community fun day.

Episode 14

Series 4 · Episode 14

This time, a birthday cake reaches new heights, as new extreme cake maker Zoe, makes a Skydiving Boy with an edible parachute for a 10th birthday party.

Episode 15

Series 4 · Episode 15

In Lancashire, Molly's latest commission ruffles some feathers as she makes surprise cake in the shape of a real Golden Eagle, called Bella, for a 51st birthday.

Episode 16

Series 4 · Episode 16

Today, baking boundaries are pushed as our extreme cake makers face new challenges. Sugar craft specialist faces her animal nemesis when she's asked for a cute baby penguin cake.

Episode 17

Series 4 · Episode 17

In London, extreme cake maker Nastassja brings a touch of sunshine to a sweet 16 party, when she's asked for a cake with a tropical vibe.

Episode 18

Series 4 · Episode 18

Penzance bakers Phil and Christine face a life-sized challenge as they attempt a juggling sea lion cake for an event's industry show.

Episode 19

Series 4 · Episode 19

Essex cake maker Eloise faces a hyper realistic challenges a s she's asked to make a replcia of a vintage sewing machine for a 65th birthday.

Episode 20

Series 4 · Episode 20

Today, a cake 'take' on an Italian classic, a charity commission that aims for the stars, and a wedding centrepiece of epic proportions.

Episode 21

Series 4 · Episode 21

In Lancashire, Molly needs all her super powers as she's asked to represent women engineers as super heroes in a cake highlighting the contribution women have made to the world.

Episode 22

Series 4 · Episode 22

In Dunstable, cake artist Karisha wants to surprise her best friend with a cake based on the things she loves best, so plans a Makeup Box Cake packed with edible cosmetics and a sweet of fried chicken,

Episode 23

Series 4 · Episode 23

Lancashire cake maker Molly, faces a new animal challenge in the form of a Koala Cake for a special 10th and 40th birthday surprise.

Episode 24

Series 4 · Episode 24

Cake diva Rosie is putting her best foot forward with a spectacular Dancing Girl Cake for a Dance School's after show party.

Episode 25

Series 4 · Episode 25

Romance is in the air as Phil and Christine create a fusion of English country garden and elegant Indian style for a spectacular wedding cake.

Episode 26

Series 4 · Episode 26

Cake artist Michelle makes a cake for a charity close to her hear, as Parkinson's UK celebrate their 50th anniversary with a special cake.

Episode 27

Series 4 · Episode 27

Animal lover Molly, is in her element when she's asked to reproduce two much loved Briard dogs in wedding cake form for their owners' big day.

Episode 28

Series 4 · Episode 28

Rosie's aiming for organised cake chaos with her latest sweet treat for a Hospice Charity's 'time for tea' fundraiser.

Episode 29

Series 4 · Episode 29

Molly gets a hand from children at a local nursery who provide some inspiration for a 2 ft wide play inspired cake to celebrate the nursery's 5th birthday.

Episode 30

Series 4 · Episode 30

Molly keeps it in the family with her latest cake as she's asked to make her niece's 2nd birthday cake. With her party held at a farm, she goes all out with a 2ft farmyard scene.