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Episode 18

Series 2 · Episode 18

Suzanne creates an intricate Jacobean hall cake. Nastassja makes a lavish stained glass-inspired wedding cake. Molly recreates the Las Vegas cityscape, complete with a light show.

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    26 February: 9:25am on Lifestyle

Episode 19

Series 2 · Episode 19

Phil and Christine get everyone talking with their innovative bake for a family gala dinner. Ben tackles a cake in the shape of Aston Villa Football Club's stadium, and Eloise digs deep with a tree-inspired cake.

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    26 February: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    27 February: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Episode 20

Series 2 · Episode 20

Nastassja creates an elephant christening cake. Phil and Christine's wedding cake reflects an unusual tale of love on the high seas, and Suzanne goes sweet on shoes for a store opening.

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    27 February: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    28 February: 2:30am on Lifestyle

Episode 21

Series 2 · Episode 21

Eloise attempts a life-sized, gravity-defying dress cake, Nastassja goes sugar crystal crazy with a towering gemstone birthday cake, and Molly makes a first birthday extra special.

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    28 February: 5:50pm on Lifestyle

Episode 22

Series 2 · Episode 22

Ben delivers an edible beer barrel cake that also serves ale. Molly uses her skills as a make-up artist for a stunning birthday bake, and Karisha adds thousands of hand-piped stitches to her latest wedding cake.

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    2 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle

Episode 23

Series 2 · Episode 23

Rosie lights up a party with her neon fireworks crate cake, Phil and Christine go geometric for the opening of a prestigious new store, and Molly gets pink and girly with a birthday cake.

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    3 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    4 March: 4:10am on Lifestyle

Episode 24

Series 2 · Episode 24

Molly makes her spookiest cake to-date as a centrepiece for a Halloween party. It's back to school for Rosie and her suffragette-inspired revolving cake, and Eloise creates a black and white masterpiece.

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    4 March: 9:50am on Lifestyle
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    4 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    5 March: 2:25am on Lifestyle

Episode 25

Series 2 · Episode 25

Michelle tackles three illuminated jellyfish cakes. Meanwhile, Nastassja creates more than 300 rose petals, and Karisha channels her inner princess and superhero for a birthday cake of two halves.

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    5 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    6 March: 4:10am on Lifestyle

Episode 26

Series 2 · Episode 26

Suzanne attempts an Elvis-inspired jukebox cake, Michelle battles to make real tea pour from a suspended teapot cake, and Molly aims for a white winter wonderland masterpiece.

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    6 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    7 March: 4:10am on Lifestyle

Episode 27

Series 2 · Episode 27

Phil and Christine grapple with flamingo anatomy, Eloise goes the eggs-tra mile to surprise a friend with a giant egg-shaped cake, and Molly has one day to create four realistic cat cakes.

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    9 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle

Episode 28

Series 2 · Episode 28

Molly must please her harshest critic, her mum, with a keep fit-themed birthday cake. Karisha has a design-conscious christening cake recipient, and Michelle attempts a wedding dress illusion cake.

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    10 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle
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    11 March: 9:50am on Lifestyle

Episode 29

Series 2 · Episode 29

In the biggest cake show on Earth, Cake International, Molly's going for gold with an orangutan and tortoise cake, Ben has a dark take on Snow White, and Christine and Phil live sculpt a six-foot seahorse cake.

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    11 March: 5:55pm on Lifestyle