Everyday Italian

Episode Guide

Series 12 Episode Guide

Great on the Grill

Series 12 · Episode 1

Giada will show you some new twists on dishes that can come from your trusty grill using some of her favorite Italian flavors.

Cakes, Cookies and Ice Cream

Series 12 · Episode 2

Cakes, cookies and ice cream! Giada is going to give three of her favorite desserts an Italian makeover.

Quick and Easy

Series 12 · Episode 3

Giada is going to show you four new quick and easy ways to get dinner on the table in no time without having to skimp on flavor.

Working Lunch

Series 12 · Episode 4

A working lunch is a perfect chance to make a great impression but you want to keep it simple and satisfying. Giada's whipping up an easy and original menu that's hardly any work at all.

Hotel Style Luxury

Series 12 · Episode 5

Giada has spent a lot of time traveling around the world, so today she's created some dishes that bring home the luxury of staying at a hotel.

Kids Camping

Series 12 · Episode 7

Giada's setting up a tent in her yard for her friend's kids who are staying with her for the weekend and cooking up some kid-friendly food that will keep them warm in the great outdoors.

Giada's Vegetarian Favorites

Series 12 · Episode 8

Giada is going to prepare four vegetarian dishes that are full of flavor, fun and satisfaction in every bite.

Italian Picnic

Series 12 · Episode 9

Giada is having a picnic with some friends and is bringing along Italian-inspired picnic treats.


Series 12 · Episode 11

Osterias are like Italy's version of a coffee shop; where groups hang out, play cards and gossip, but the food can be a little fancier and wine is served instead of coffee. Todat, Giada's going to prepare some of her favorite Osteria-style dishes.

Healthy Snacks

Series 12 · Episode 12

Giada's going to show you how to make some of her favorite healthy, Italian snacks! The best part is that you can make them ahead and keep them in your fridge all week to fight off your temptations for junk food.