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Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 4 · Episode 1

Justine jumps back into things with some beautiful ricotta dumplings and some delicious herb and shallot crepes while Lola Berry comes in to show her zucchini chocolate chip mini-muffins.

Episode 2

Series 4 · Episode 2

Today, Justine whips up her grilled saganaki and sweet potato salad and then shares a classic beef ravioli recipe.

Episode 3

Series 4 · Episode 3

Daniel Wilson visits the Everyday Gourmet kitchen to make his iconic huxtaburger. Justine makes her friccassee of chicken in cider and finishes up with a delicious thyme panna cotta.

Episode 4

Series 4 · Episode 4

Chef Scott Pickett, joins Justine today to plate up his delightful mango and passion fruit eton mess. Justine serves up easy lamb and harissa sausage rolls.

Episode 5

Series 4 · Episode 5

Justine grills up some lamb cutlets with a super easy spinach sauce, then brings in Trish McKenzie to show an indulgent chai, toffee and berry trifle.

Episode 6

Series 4 · Episode 6

Pastry chef and blogger, Natasha, joins Justine today and whips up her summery fruit galettes. Justine cooks her bolognese risotto and a quinoa salad.

Episode 7

Series 4 · Episode 7

Adam Swanson cooks a fresh pumpkin, sage, walnut and goat's cheese spelt spiral salad. Justine makes crepes with caramel peaches and teaches how to make the perfect soft boiled egg.

Episode 8

Series 4 · Episode 8

Colin drops in to cook up his chilli mud crab with fermented black beans, while Justine shows her favourite cuban inspired black beans recipe.

Episode 9

Series 4 · Episode 9

Justine serves up her tasty balsamic, mushroom ad duck pasta and bougasta- a classic greek custard tart. Then Shaun comes in to cook up his prawn shumai.

Episode 10

Series 4 · Episode 10

Trish McKenzie is back in the kitchen with Justine to show her white chocolate marbled cheese cake. Justine frys up her egg curry and then shows her coconut crusted chicken goujons.

Episode 11

Series 4 · Episode 11

Scott Pickett joins Justine to whip up his rock flathead "En Papiollete". Justine then makes a fantastic CWA sponge with homemade strawberry jam and duck marbella.

Episode 12

Series 4 · Episode 12

Pasta extraordinaire, Adam Swanson drops in to share his spelt spaghetti with prawns, lemon and parsley. Later, Justine is joined by Nataha, who shares her coffee caramel panna cotta with hazelnut praline.

Episode 13

Series 4 · Episode 13

Justine serves up her hearty chicken and winter vegetable salad and some mouth-watering banana and salted caramel muffins. Colin shows Justine his delicious prosciutto wrapped lamb loin.

Episode 14

Series 4 · Episode 14

Lola Berry shares a guilt-free vegan sweet spud brownie, and Daniel serves up his Vietnamese rare beef salad. Justine makes her seafood cannelloni and a rich cacao hot chocolate.

Episode 15

Series 4 · Episode 15

Justine shows breakfast couscous, roasted tamarind chicken with coconut gravy and a watermelon, green olive tapenade and fetta salad. Trish drops in to make her fabulous cherry ripe slice.

Episode 16

Series 4 · Episode 16

Justine shares her coconut poached prawns and then Lola Berry whips up her quinoa superfood salad. Emma shares her delicious almond honey thyme cake.

Episode 17

Series 4 · Episode 17

Adam shows Justine a hearty zucchini, pea, bacon and spirals soup, and then makes her tasty peking duck and broccoli stir-fry, an iceberg lettuce salad with blue cheese dressing.

Episode 18

Series 4 · Episode 18

Justine serves up her skirt steak sandwich with chimichurri. Daniel drops by to make his seared ocean trout and finishes up with a rice pudding with pineapple compote.

Episode 19

Series 4 · Episode 19

Daniela shows her amazing acai berry, almond and chia muffins. Nathasha makes her chewy salted macadamia chocolate chip cookies and Justine grills up delicious pork cutlets.

Episode 20

Series 4 · Episode 20

Justine shows her mum's recipe for scallops with cream and Scott shares his roasted duck breast, shitake and coriander recipe. Trish makes her delicious chocolate nut spread tartlets.

Episode 21

Series 4 · Episode 21

Justine shows a classic eggs benedict, whips up a delicious Spanish chicken rice and makes some crunchy spiced granola clusters.

Episode 22

Series 4 · Episode 22

Adam joins the kitchen to cook up his mouth-watering cheese and spinach tortellini. Justine shares some glazed salmon fillets, cauliflower tabouli and finishes up with a pineapple tart tartin.

Episode 23

Series 4 · Episode 23

Justine makes her twice cooked duck with celeriac salad, then Emma joins her in the kitchen to whip up her pork and fennel meatballs with risoni.

Episode 24

Series 4 · Episode 24

Justine cooks delicious chicken curry puffs with minted yoghurt. Shaun drops in to show his beef and potato croquette while Justine gives great tips on tenderising meat.

Episode 25

Series 4 · Episode 25

Justine makes warm red lentil soup. Daniel visits to show his rice crusted snapper and green papaya salad, while Trish whips up her dark chocolate peppermint slice.

Episode 26

Series 4 · Episode 26

Justine makes her bacon and pumpkin fritters. Lola shares her recipe for Charlie's salad with cripsy salad and Emma whips up her fruit loaf.

Episode 27

Series 4 · Episode 27

Justine shows her lunchbox bites, surf and turf salad and a delicious green smoothie. Adam also drops in to make his cannelloni filled with chicken, pancetta and sage.

Episode 28

Series 4 · Episode 28

Shaun joins Justine today to make his summer kingfish sashimi. Daniela drops in to share her acai berry bliss balls. Justine also makes roasted chicken drumsticks with pesto beans and demonstrates a great way to crumb chicken with almonds.

Episode 29

Series 4 · Episode 29

Justine makes her rack of lamb with mint vinaigrette and then kirsten tibbals comes in to make one of her favourite desserts, her berry creme fraiche tart.

Episode 30

Series 4 · Episode 30

Chocolate extraordinaire, Trish, shows Justine a mouth-watering chocolate marshmallow pie. Then Justine cooks her peking duck with coconut relish and a delicious john dory with sauce meuniere.