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About the Show

Five people, five dinner parties - one recipe for culinary disaster and entertainment! Who will win the weekly challenge and be crowned kitchen kings?


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Posted by Viviana8Report
I am in South Africa and have always watched local and Uk episodes. One particularly shocked me. A lovely young chinese lady boasted laughingly about having eaten monkey brain from a live monkey that had to be chained to the table (no wonder). As an animal lover I draw the line. I was sickened, offended and sad. I have only heard this type of admissions from killers that are jailed. I will not watch anymore episodes of Dine with me and out of decency this episode should be removed and this type of behaviour should not be condoned. I am saddened that this was aired and that nobody showed any kind of compassion. To the producers I can only say: you have lost all my respect as human beings and that of a lot of my friends that like me will avoid your show from now on.
Posted by RebeccaReport
I didn't see that episode (thank goodness) but that would have upset me as well (upset being an understatement). I've never heard of people doing that and it is beyond belief cruel and intolerable!
Posted by Report
the chinese are terrible regarding food and what they eat and should not be allowed on the show..... full stop!!! I have heard of the chinese eaing monkey's brains while they are still alive and I find it atrocious!!!
Posted by Report
Sorry but I am sure there are far worse things in South Africa that happen to animals AND your own people...
Posted by Report
if I was on this show I would like to produce 2/3 entrees .
Choice of two mains & two deserts..
With a better selection of beers/drinks
Posted by Report
you do have to be cautious when editing these episodes..
Posted by Report
it's all about the person environment and basic cooking skills/knowledge could score over 30.
enjoy.. I do!
Posted by Report
great production,commentator, and condensed content more interesting than a five epside series I recently struggled to watch in Aus..
Posted by TeaLadyReport
I love the ones that have the UK celebrities wish they would show them again.
Posted by DonnaReport
I NEVER watch the one's with the UK "celebrities". Firstly, I never know who the people are & secondly, the shows are all the same just with different people.

I don't know how they fit so many huge egos into each episode.