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Series 4 Episode Guide

Series 4 · Episode 1

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.

Series 4 · Episode 2

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.

Series 4 · Episode 3

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.

Series 4 · Episode 4

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.

Series 4 · Episode 5

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.

Series 4 · Episode 6

Get more of the beloved TV favourite, Come Done With Me.


Series 4 · Episode 7

Four strangers from in and around Oxford try and host their way to the thousand pound prize. Menus include eggy curry and a raspberry theme, and one of the hosts is a food critic.


Series 4 · Episode 8

The first host in Reading is singing teacher Victoria. Joining her are burger bar owner and wind-up merchant Barry, straight talking retiree Kathleen and French waiter Lamri.

Glasgow A

Series 4 · Episode 9

In and around Glasgow, Suleman's 'taste of Africa' is hard to swallow. And Jamie causes outrage by bringing a salad as an alternative to comedian Anna's calorie-laden Scottish fry up.

Glasgow B

Series 4 · Episode 10

In Glasgow, four rival cooks hope to impress their guests. Alongside traditional Scottish fayre there's Mexican food, and one of the hosts is a self-declared 'tricky customer'.


Series 4 · Episode 11

In Staffordshire, Linda goes for home cooked favourites, Abbie opts for global grub, James selects a Mexican menu and Thom rounds off the week with a Brazilian feast.

Crewe And Stoke

Series 4 · Episode 12

With a sing-a-long, carrot-gate and a terrible terrine, it's a turbulent week in and around Crewe and Stoke, but who will win the 1000 pound prize?

North Kent

Series 4 · Episode 13

In Kent, party-loving Wendy takes her guests on what she calls a food-ical journey. Joining her are general geezer Sam, self-proclaimed chatterbox Lauren and strongman Michael.

Maidstone And Rochester

Series 4 · Episode 14

In Maidstone and Rochester, it's a competitive week filled with fun, randomness and a musical surprise, but who will be crowned winner and take home the 1000 pound prize?

South West London

Series 4 · Episode 15

Four strangers from south west London try to cook their way to the prize. In a week filled with fine wine but dodgy prawns, who will be crowned the winner and take home the grand?

South London

Series 4 · Episode 16

In south London, Craig tries to impress with a Malaysian menu, while Thibault applies his French heritage. Gill has a night filled with surprises, while Rachelle also goes for French food.


Series 4 · Episode 17

In Birmingham, ex-teaching director Chris pals up with psychiatric report manager Ruby. Cheese maker Adrian thinks Chris is having a midlife crisis and estate agent Hayley applies charm.

West Midlands

Series 4 · Episode 18

In the West Midlands, DJ and gospel singer Sandra plans to put on a night full of good vibes and joy. But foodie Craig, recruitment manager Fraser and theatrical Debbi are unimpressed.


Series 4 · Episode 19

In Lowestoft, Suffolk, the week begins with feisty host Julia's menu inspired by her native Dominica, and ends with zany musician Paul bidding to triumph with his vegetarian menu.


Series 4 · Episode 20

In Norwich, forthright farmer's wife Rachel ends the week on her farm with some high end country cooking, but has she taken too much of a risk serving venison with a chocolate sauce?

Hertfordshire A

Series 4 · Episode 21

In Hertfordshire, Mabs shows her guests an authentic African evening. Sam aims to impress with homemade classics, DJ Ben goes for global grub, and Perdi opts for odd entertainment.

Hertfordshire B

Series 4 · Episode 22

In this episode from Hertfordshire, self-professed funny man Martin, bride-to-be Amanda, recruitment consultant and online socialite Junior, and vegetarian mum Susan battle it out.

Woking And Guildford

Series 4 · Episode 23

Kicking off this episode from Woking and Guildford is professional cake decorator Mignonne, with a 1950s themed evening, but will her food leave her guests singing the blues?

Sussex And Surrey

Series 4 · Episode 24

Kicking off the competition in the Sussex/Surrey borders in style is Mayor of Haslemere, Sahran who lavishes an exotic East-meets-West menu on his guests Ralph, Kim, and Lindsey.


Series 4 · Episode 25

Confident clothes shop owner Sacha, perfectionist Farazana, outspoken disability awareness officer Gary and cat-loving Kelly battle it out in Essex.

South East Essex

Series 4 · Episode 26

Kicking off the week from south east Essex is 29-year-old pub landlady Kyla. In a week of intercontinental culinary creations, Welsh rarebit, and a shop-bought meal, who will win the 1000 pounds?


Series 4 · Episode 27

First up in Fife is the only non-Scottish native this episode, 41-year-old beauty therapist Nicky, who hopes to impress with some Scottish inspired grub.

Central Scotland

Series 4 · Episode 28

In central Scotland, Jennifer hopes her night of hearty home cookery will impress. Linsay finishes the week with a trip to 'retroville', but can she keep her bodily functions to herself?

East Sussex

Series 4 · Episode 29

The award-winning series continues in East Sussex, with tears at the table, squeals of delight, and a gravity-defying dessert. But will Kora, Stephen, Maria or Jonny bag the grand?


Series 4 · Episode 30

First up in Brighton, flight attendant Clint hopes his Italian menu and innuendo-laced wit and repartee will land him the prize.