Chef At Home

Episode Guide

Series 6 Episode Guide

Southwestern Art

Series 6 · Episode 1

Michael finds that the kitchen can be a place to relax while you explore your creative side.

After School Party

Series 6 · Episode 2

Michael shows how to harness the scientific side of cooking by using simple kitchen physics. He creates the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie, crisp oven fries and Asian orange grilled chicken wings.

Baked Chicken

Series 6 · Episode 3

Michael demonstrates one of the simplest ways to cook a chicken, bake it in a closed pot.

Kung Pao Chicken

Series 6 · Episode 4

East meets West in Michael’s kitchen as he shows how to make one of his favourite restaurant dishes: spicy Kung Pao chicken.

Brick Chicken

Series 6 · Episode 5

Michael shows off a unique way to cook a whole chicken, pollo al mattone: flattened under a brick.

Pork Chops

Series 6 · Episode 6

Michael tries out a few new ideas and relies on a few time tested and true techniques while he cooks up a pan of juicy pork chops with a new rosemary scented apple sauce.

Sausage & Pepper Hero

Series 6 · Episode 7

It’s hero night! Michael slows down his family’s fast-paced life by trying out some new dinner ideas.

Global Kitchen

Series 6 · Episode 8

Michael explores the globe and finds that formerly exotic flavours of the world can become everyday mainstream. From Asia he creates a perfect food balance in orange sesame crusted pork tenderloin.

Tuscan Beef

Series 6 · Episode 9

Michael shows off a spectacular way to cook an extra thick steak: grilled, sliced into a warm salad with arugula, lemon, olive oil and shaved Parmesan.

Colourful Food

Series 6 · Episode 10

Michael rolls flank steak around dried tomato pesto and roasts pinwheels of flavour stuffed beef.

Southwestern Beef Stew

Series 6 · Episode 11

Michael sets aside the cookbooks and looks for ways to stir his personality into dinner.

Homemade Pasta

Series 6 · Episode 12

Michael has some spare time and decides to play around with a few kitchen projects.

Travel Flavors

Series 6 · Episode 13

Michael finds dinner inspiration and ideas all over the world. His travels encourage a spirit of adventure as he cooks salmon with a Mediterranean flair in a Scandinavian Muurikka over an open fire.

Pasta Casserole

Series 6 · Episode 14

Michael explores the pursuit of flavour and how it affects your cooking style. He discovers that once you’ve decided to make something taste the best it can, the ideas to make it happen are never far behind.

Tea Poached Salmon

Series 6 · Episode 15

Michael explores the flavours of love. He creates a new menu for Rachel and discovers that cooking a special dinner is more of an aphrodisiac than any single ingredient.

Big Flavor

Series 6 · Episode 16

Michael explores the great big world of freestyle condiment flavour and finds lots of bright examples.

Easy Fish

Series 6 · Episode 17

Michael shows off winning strategies for a home cook’s most important job: filling the table with healthy flavour.

Shrimp Cocktails

Series 6 · Episode 18

Michael looks for ways to fight boredom in the kitchen.

Cook Ahead

Series 6 · Episode 19

Michael invests time to save time as he gears up his kitchen for the busy week ahead.

Dark Chocolate Day

Series 6 · Episode 20

Michael receives an unexpected treat, a large box of top quality chocolate.

Saturday Baking

Series 6 · Episode 21

Michael sets out to achieve perfection in the kitchen. He makes a simple sweet yeast dough and uses it to create a magnificent batch of homemade cinnamon rolls.

Dinner Club

Series 6 · Episode 22

Michael hosts his monthly dining club friends. On the menu? Cooking with wine and spirits.

Prosciutto Roast Salmon

Series 6 · Episode 23

Michael shows that cooking for a crowd can be just as fun and easy as cooking for one.

Smoked Salmon Pesto Pinwheels

Series 6 · Episode 24

Michael shows how to show off for a memorable cocktail party.

Argentinean Burgers

Series 6 · Episode 25

Michael hosts a deck party and shows how easy it is to fill your grill with flavours from all over the world.