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Cheese Slices

Episode Guide

Series 8 Episode Guide

South West England

Series 8 · Episode 1

Will and his daughter Ellie travel to Devon in the West Country of England to visit Quickes farm which once ‘secretly’ supplied Will’s London shops with traditional farmhouse cloth bound cheddar and helped to kindle his interest in supporting the artisan cheese cause.


Series 8 · Episode 2

Normandy is the original home of Camembert, which is widely regarded as a proud symbol of French cheese making skill and tradition.

The Basque

Series 8 · Episode 3

The Pyrenees form a natural mountain border between France and Spain, and the remote valleys are home to some of the last strongholds of traditional ewe’s milk cheese in Western Europe.


Series 8 · Episode 4

Will and his daughter travel to the spectacular Picos de Europa mountains to learn about Cabrales, an increasingly rare cave ripened blue cheese made from raw milk.


Series 8 · Episode 5

Will and Ellie catch up with cheese maker Allison Hooper at Vermont Creamery to tour her new state-of-the-art goat cheese dairy and sample her award-winning cheese.


Series 8 · Episode 6

Will and his daughter Ellie pay a visit to the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon to visit Papillon, one of the most respected brands in the region which is leading support for traditional raw milk production.