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Series 6 Episode Guide


Series 6 · Episode 1

Will travels to the bustling old city of Kolkata to learn about the origins of India's most popular cheese - Paneer. After visiting the ancient cheese market he discovers how curd is used to make paneer and Chennai sweets.


Series 6 · Episode 2

Will visits the old city of Jerusalem. After meeting an Arab Israeli family who make traditional ewe's milk cheese, he travels to Galilee to look at one the oldest marinated cheeses in Israel.


Series 6 · Episode 3

Will visits a small farm to see how the locals churn butter by hand, and samples the local cuisine. He travels high into the Himalayas for a lesson in how to milk a yak. He makes cheese the traditional way, in a smoky mountain hut.


Series 6 · Episode 4

Will visits the ancient spice markets of Istanbul before driving to Cannakale to learn about this country's most popular marinated cheese Ezine Peynir, and a hard cheese called Mihalic.

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    23 July: 4:00pm on Lifestyle FOOD


Series 6 · Episode 5

Will travels to the abbey of Mont des Cats in Normandy, Citeaux in Burgundy, and Tamie in Savoie to discover how Trappist monk's cheese is being made. He looks at what the future holds for these classic benchmarks.

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    30 July: 10:00am on Lifestyle FOOD
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    30 July: 4:05pm on Lifestyle FOOD


Series 6 · Episode 6

Traditional cheese making is strictly seasonal in the alps of North Eastern Italy and production is very limited.Will travels to the foothills of the alps to meet the oldest cheese maker in Italy.

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    6 August: 10:00am on Lifestyle FOOD
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    6 August: 4:05pm on Lifestyle FOOD


Series 6 · Episode 7

Will travels to Normandy and the Charentes-Poitou to visit cooperative dairies still making butter the traditional way. Then an old friend offers to show him how easy it is to make delicious fresh cultured butter at home.


Series 6 · Episode 8

Over the past two decades Catalonian chefs have been responsible for an extra ordinary revolution in Spanish cuisine. The region has also led a renaissance in artisan cheese making which virtually disappeared during the Franco era. Will visits the beauti