Cheese Slices



Meet the man who makes a living eating cheese

How Will Studd made a career out of eating cheese and travelling the world.

Cheese Slices

After reading Cheese Slices, eating cheese will never be quite the same again.

From Cheese Shop to Home

The very best shops buy young cheeses and carefully mature them in purpose-built cellars until they develop their true potential.

Making Cheese

The art of the cheese-maker is to manipulate the natural process in a desired direction, then leave nature to do the rest.

A guide to buying, storing and serving cheese

There are no strict rules on how to get it right but here are a few tips that should help.

Authentic Greek Fetta

Any one who has been lucky enough to enjoy the generous hospitality of Greece for just a few days will understand why the locals eat more cheese per head of population than any nation on earth.

Cheesey Facts

Here's some tasty little facts on some of the cheeses featured in Cheese Slices that will impress your friends at your next dinner party.