Cake Boss: Next Great Baker

Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

Empire State of Mind

Series 4 · Episode 1

For the first time ever, the contestants will be working in pairs as they battle through a series of challenges to reach the ultimate goal: 100 thousand dollars and managing the new Carlo's Bakery in Las Vegas.

Sugar High

Series 4 · Episode 2

The teams are headed back to school for a challenge inspired by some very demanding clients, kids! The bakers will have to pick their own teams, playground style, and need to use up to 100 pounds of candy in their cakes.

Destination Wedding!

Series 4 · Episode 3

The church bells are ringing, as the teams are challenged to make destination wedding cakes. But this time, they'll be an unlikely marriage, as the teams are forced to pair up with someone other than their own partner.

Buddy's Winter BBQ

Series 4 · Episode 4

The competition sizzles when the teams have to make barbeque inspired cakes. As if making a six-foot long hot dog and a 4-foot wide hamburger was not stressful enough, the teams will have to present their cakes to Buddy's family!

Nightmare on Baker Street

Series 4 · Episode 5

A truly terrifying challenge awaits the teams, as they have to make cakes inspired by horror movies. If the gory cakes don't creep out the contestants, they will surely be spooked after meeting their guest judge.

Long Island Medium Cakes

Series 4 · Episode 6

It's the toughest challenge of them all, life sized cakes! The teams have to make their cakes in the form of the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. Will the teams be able to successfully go big or will they go home?

Gravity Defying Cakes

Series 4 · Episode 7

The competition is turned on its head, as the bakers have to create gravity defying cakes for the Rachael Ray show. Will the bakers be able to defy gravity, or will the weight of the competition be too much for the teams to handle?

Sexiest Cakes Alive

Series 4 · Episode 8

Cakes will be taking a stroll on the red carpet, as the teams are competing for a chance to be featured in People Magazine. Will the teams be able to make the cut or will they freeze under the spotlight?

Wow Cakes

Series 4 · Episode 9

The teams need to rely on their imaginations to wow the judges, as they bake their best cakes and desserts for the Cake Boss Cafe in New York's Times Square. The contestants have to dig deep in order to make it to the finale.

Vegas Showstoppers

Series 4 · Episode 10

Before the teams can pack their bags, they will have to impress the judges one last time in Jersey by producing each of the judges' specialties. Everything is on the line as the final two teams gamble for the ultimate prize.