Barefoot Contessa

Episode Guide

Series 17 Episode Guide

Cookbook Party

Series 17 · Episode 1

Ina is celebrating finishing her new book with an alfresco party with a Mediterranean theme.

Shore Thing

Series 17 · Episode 1

It's quality time for Ina and Jeffery who are heading harbor side.

Steak and Sides

Series 17 · Episode 1

It's back to basics on steak and sides. Ina's shaking it up and turning up the volume on steak house classic recipes and she's getting her friend TR to road test the recipes for her.

Barefoot To Go

Series 17 · Episode 1

Ina’s close friends, Rob Marshall and John DeLuca, are down the road editing their Academy Award nominated movie, Nine. With little time to take breaks, Ina takes them a nourishing breakfast of homemade granola bars, fresh orange juice and coffee.

The Flame Game

Series 17 · Episode 2

Ina's card shark friends are coming over to play bridge but this time Ina is shaking things up with a pre game BBQ and turning up the volume with the real BBQ classics. This is back to basics on playing with fire.

Perfect Dinner Party

Series 17 · Episode 2

It's back to basics on how to throw the perfect dinner party. The secret is a meal in three acts with a perfect candy happy ending.

Blueprint Lunch

Series 17 · Episode 2

Ina throws a thank-you lunch for the architects who helped build her new kitchen.

Night Before Dinner

Series 17 · Episode 2

A cook-in-advance meal that’s easy to make is just the thing you want up your sleeve and in the fridge ready to go the night before a big day.

Going, Going, Gone

Series 17 · Episode 3

Ina's gone under the hammer and been won at The East Hampton, Group for the South Fork annual benefit. The auction prize is a Contessa lunch made by Ina herself.

Girls The Grill

Series 17 · Episode 3

Ina's having dinner with three generations of women and they're breaking out the BBQ for an alfresco party.

Chicken All the Time

Series 17 · Episode 3

It's back to basic's on chicken. This is chicken the basics and beyond covered.

Herb Hall of Fame

Series 17 · Episode 3

It's back to basics as Ina uses fresh herbs to add flavour and depth to some of her favourite dishes. With Risotto Cakes, Pasta a Pecorino, and Fresh Cream of Tomato Soup on the menu, Ina gains inspiration from the herb garden.

Go Greek

Series 17 · Episode 4

A Greek inspired menu made from everyday store ingredients. It's a perfect party meal for a surprise housewarming for Ina's friends Frank and Laura Greenwald.

Fired up

Series 17 · Episode 4

It's back to basics on grilling. Ina's experimenting with new and inventive ways to use the grill which goes way beyond hotdogs and hamburgers.

Memory Lane

Series 17 · Episode 4

It's a trip down memory lane for Ina who's rustling up a day of fabulous food for Jeffrey.

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Series 17 · Episode 4

Ina embarks on a day of experimentation and tests out some classic, comforting recipes on her colleagues. First up are her Strawberry Scones which she reworks.

Working Lunch

Series 17 · Episode 5

A finger food lunch for any occasion. Ina hosts a working lunch for her book editor and designer. The menu theme is bite size finger food including open and closed sandwiches.

The Cat's Away

Series 17 · Episode 5

Ina's husband is heading out of town and she's got a plan.

Thanksgiving Countdown

Series 17 · Episode 5

It's back to basics on Thanksgiving. Ina is revealing her foolproof countdown to the holiday meal and a fabulous festive menu.

What Friends Are For

Series 17 · Episode 5

Ina prepares a dazzling after work meal to impress her friend’s colleagues – after all what are friends for?

Birthday Breakfast BBQ

Series 17 · Episode 6

It's a breakfast party to celebrate the morning after a night before birthday bash. Breakfast on the grill no problem.

Bread Winner

Series 17 · Episode 6

It's back to basics on bread. Ina's friend is writing an article about interesting ways to use bread so Ina's volunteered to test out three recipes which all use bread in different ways and then they'll be a taste test to vote for a winner.

Good Catch

Series 17 · Episode 6

It's dinner at TR's new waterside fishing shack. TR has pledged to catch the fish but Ina isn't convinced.

All Aboard

Series 17 · Episode 6

A party with a nautical theme on deck and at sea. Ina prepares a delicious moveable feast to eat harbour side on a friend's boat.

Flavours And Flowers

Series 17 · Episode 7

Why just have flowers on the table when you can have them all around the table. It's the local florist's 20th anniversary and Ina is making a dinner to eat right in the store.

Mystery Guest

Series 17 · Episode 7

Ina's Broadway producer friend is coming to dinner with a mystery guest (Mel Brooks).

Breakfast Party

Series 17 · Episode 7

It's back to basics on breakfast. Ina gives us the low-down on how to throw the perfect breakfast party and persuades a friend that this is the way forward for easy entertaining.

Cocktail Hour

Series 17 · Episode 8

It's back to basics on cocktail parties. Ina is writing a plan and showing her friend Jack how to throw the perfect foolproof cocktail party.

Breakfast In, Breakfast Out

Series 17 · Episode 8

It's a tale of two breakfasts as Ina cooks up an omelette for two and chunky banana bran muffins for a working breakfast at home.

Bed And Breakfast

Series 17 · Episode 8

Ina's friend is arriving late, so to welcome her she's creating a Cheese and Fruit Board with homemade Parmesan and Black Pepper Crackers for late night snacking.

Keep It Sweet

Series 17 · Episode 8

Ina says no-one ever remembers what they ate for the main course but they always remember dessert. Ina shares her ideas and recipes for the perfect way to end a meal - sweet and savoury this really is a case of saving the best till last.

Pizza Party

Series 17 · Episode 9

It's back to basics on recipes that work for kids and for adults too that are fun to make and delicious to eat

Perfect Pasta

Series 17 · Episode 9

It's back to basics on pasta and Ina's got it covered with new ideas and quick cooking for family or company.

Jeffrey's Surprise Party

Series 17 · Episode 9

Just when Jeffrey thought his birthday surprise was a romantic walk along the beach, Ina has other plans - a surprise beach BBQ for him with his closest friends.

Halloween for Grownups

Series 17 · Episode 9

It's Halloween for grownups with fabulous food on an orange theme and a spooky table designed by Ina's friend.

Italian Everytime

Series 17 · Episode 9

It's back to basics on elegant easy entertaining. The answer is cook Italian. When people are expecting fancy whether it's a party over the holiday or any time make it simple and surprise them.

Cooking for a Crowd

Series 17 · Episode 10

It's back to basics on cooking for a crowd as Ina throws a party for theatrical friends. She's sharing her party rules and know-how to demonstrate how to throw big bashes completely stress free.

It's Friday Night Again

Series 17 · Episode 10

Jeffery is on his way home from working away all week and if it's Friday night supper it's got to be his favourite, chicken. So Ina's making chicken piccatta with creamy buttermilk mash and carmelized herb roasted onions followed by homey apple and pear crisp.

Photo Finish

Series 17 · Episode 10

Miguel needs a location for a photo shoot on food and flowers. And whom else would he turn to? So whilst he's busy in the garden, Ina makes luscious food for the camera.


Series 17 · Episode 10

It's out with the old and in with the new as the Barefoot Contessa gets back to basics and shakes up Thanksgiving. She's roasting a delicious Truffle Butter Turkey with incredible sausage stuffed mushrooms.

Perfect Holiday Dinner

Series 17 · Episode 11

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't create a fantastic winter meal good enough for company. This is back to basics on dazzling entertaining on a shoe string.

Turning Up the Volume

Series 17 · Episode 11

It's back to basics on turning up the volume on flavour. Ina's taking everyday favourites and giving them the star treatment by adding one special ingredient. This is the ordinary made extraordinary!

Food with Love

Series 17 · Episode 12

It's back to basics on food with love. It's Ina and Jeffrey's 40th wedding anniversary and Ina is sharing her secrets on the perfect romantic meal. On the menu, Campari cocktail, Italian wedding soup and anniversary surprises for the couple.

Feature Flavour

Series 17 · Episode 12

It's back to basics on flavour. Ina's testing recipes for a magazine photo shoot that's happening in New York. The feature is on flavour and every recipe has lots of it.

Chicken 101

Series 17 · Episode 13

It's back to basics on chicken. Delicious Roast Chicken, Curried Chicken Salad plus two delicious chicken shortcuts.

Oven Rules

Series 17 · Episode 13

Its back to basic on oven rules. This is simple oven techniques - cooking on high, low and even off.

Pot Luck Dinner

Series 17 · Episode 14

A potluck party is one of the most basic strategies for easy entertaining with Ina's recipes for Short Ribs and Cheddar Dill Corn Bread.

Farm Stand Food

Series 17 · Episode 14

It's back to basics on farm stand food. From one local farm box Ina creates three fresh dishes: Scalloped tomatoes, Cape Cod Chopped Salad and Zucchini pancakes.

Get Grilling

Series 17 · Episode 15

It's back to basics on Grilling. From an elegant and easy grilled main course packed with flavour, Grilled Indonesian swordfish, to a grilling master class from executive chef Joe Realmuto.

The Big Chill

Series 17 · Episode 15

Ina is stocking her friends after their trip away with incredible fridge friendly food. There's everyone's favourite comfort food Truffle Mac and Cheese and for dessert a Fresh Lemon Mousse. decorated with whipped cream.

Say Cheese

Series 17 · Episode 16

Ina's shaking up her top five everyday cheeses and experimenting with new ideas that really think outside the cheese box. With recipes for Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart & Savoury Coeur a la Creme.

Baking Basics

Series 17 · Episode 16

It's back to basics on baking. There's a cookie master class from local baker Kathleen King who shares her recipe for Double Chocolate Almond Cookies, an easy bake Irish Soda Bread and the easiest shortcut appetiser ever, Savoury Palmiers.

Italian Restaurant Food atHome

Series 17 · Episode 17

It's back to basics Italian restaurant food at home.There's a delicious master class from executive chef Joe Realmuto who shares his famous recipe for Rum Raisin Tiramisu.

Easy French

Series 17 · Episode 17

Ina makes Jeffrey a French inspired meal based on bistro favourites. On the menu Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette followed by Easy Sole Meuniere inspired by the local street markets of Paris.

The Magic Factor

Series 17 · Episode 18

It's a day of kitchen chemistry for Ina as she tests recipes with and without the magic ingredient that really unlocks the flavour of a dish.

Surprise Surprise

Series 17 · Episode 18

It's back to basics on surprises. It's lasagne with a Greek twist, Pastitsio served with an Arugula and watermelon Feta salad plus a gorgeous table setting for a surprise dinner date with Jeffrey.

Outdoor Entertaining

Series 17 · Episode 19

It's back to basics on outdoor entertaining. Ina cooks the perfect menu for a garden tour party: Raisin Pecan and Oatmeal cookies and smoked salmon sandwiches.

Barefoot Classics

Series 17 · Episode 19

Ina's updating some barefoot bestsellers & sharing shortcuts & know how on Easy Sticky Buns, Mustard Chicken Salad, Roasted Vegetables & Roasted Veg Soup.

Comfort & Company

Series 17 · Episode 20

Ina makes a comfort dinner to go for a friend who is renovating her kitchen. On the menu Company Pot Roast and Baked Potatoes with Yoghurt and Sour Cream dressing.

Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Series 17 · Episode 20

It's back to basics on Thanksgiving pot luck parties. There's a foolproof no stress Turkey Roulade, with Gingerbread cupcakes for dessert plus a festive table setting by Ina's new stylist Robert Ruffino.

Fast & Fabulous

Series 17 · Episode 21

Ina is conjuring up a dazzling two course dinner in under an hour. It's going to be fast and fabulous.

Pack & Go Party

Series 17 · Episode 22

Ina demonstrates her pack and go strategies by throwing a picnic in her back garden. On the menu is Roasted Shrimp Salad, Pita stuffed with Tabbouleuh and Ultimate Ginger Cookies.

Impromptu Dinner

Series 17 · Episode 23

With some store-cupboard staples and freezer standbys Ina shows how to pull together a fabulous dinner without even stepping out the door.

Comfort Classics Close Up

Series 17 · Episode 24

Ina Garten is giving comfort classics a makeover with recipes for Bagels with smoked salmon and whitefish salad, Virgin Mary, Roasted Potato & Leek Soup and Herb Garlic Bread.

Beach BBQ

Series 17 · Episode 25

Ina is meeting her friends at the beach; they're firing up the grill and setting the scene, and she's bringing the food - Grilled Clams with Basil Breadcrumbs, Ranch Burgers, Caramelised Onions and Chocolate S'mores.

Say It With Food

Series 17 · Episode 26

This is back to basics on showing someone you care by saying it with food. Ina prepares a thank you breakfast basket for a friend packed with Date Nut Spice Bread, Orange Marmalade and Homemade Muesli with Red Berries.