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Anthony Puharich knows meat. He should. He's the butcher that stands between Australia's best producers and chefs, whether at his meat boutique Victor Churchill or supplying Australia's best restaurants. Join him on a culinary journey from farm gate to the dinner plate, and learn how to make the most of your meat.

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Posted by Amber546Report
Hi, just watched you cut up beef and you layed veggie down and chuck stake on top followed by red wine pouring on l missing anything?? Find it hard too find the recipes. Love yr show
Posted by Darren441Report
Hey mate love the show but cant find anything on the knife sharpening
Posted by Darren441Report
Claudia252 try costco.i get my tritip from there
Posted by Justin347Report
Hi I was wondering if you recommend a butcher in Melbourne's inner northern suburbs that prepares Butterflied boneless lamb. Thanks
Posted by Adrian333Report
Small suburban butcher on Melville Rd in Brunswick West, Combination Meats.
Always has seasoned butterflied lamb but will do any cut on demand.
Posted by Claudia252Report
Hi there. My husband & I just came back from Southern California where we ate & loved Tri tip roasted meat. Cuts of meat here in Australia have different names and I'm wondering if you know what cut I'd ask my butcher for so we can make Tri tip.
Posted by Huy6Report
Hi! I just opened a bucher shop in Vietnam. I need your advise on this: when I keep the meat in the refrigerator, which is about 2-7 degree Celsius, the meat looks very dry, not fresh after 12 hours. How can I keep the meat fresh after 12 hours? Please help me with this. I will appreciate your answer. Thanks!
Posted by Steve435Report
mate - was impressed to see an programme advertised that said it would answer any questiion about butchery. then i was not impressed to see a programme that dealt with a bit of butchery and then mostly farm visits and cooking. i can get that from mastercherf etc. please focus on breaking down animals, talking about muscle stucture, cooking based on that,.making cured meats, and preserving e.g. rabbits you talk about breaking down the leg, but the camera does not show it, then hey...... the rabbit is in the pan, what about the loin, ribs, etc.... you break down a pig and then hey the shoulder is off, the loin is broken down, you cut the belly but show a recipe that shows a rolled loin that bears no reference to what you have cut out.... be consistent mate. what about the different leg, neck, and bacon ( canadian, british, american some do just the eye, some do eye and a bit of streaky, some do a longer streaky, as per your rolled loin, some do just streaky. how about talking about how to make the bacon from the raw material - stop being a cook and be a butcher/ meat producer.....

if you want to demonstrate butchery on the telly do that, if you want to be a cook or travel show girly, do that but decide which and advertise on that basis.

there is a market for helping people to cut up their own animals and have the raw product to eat fantastic food , not the rubbish most fold get out of the supermarkets. talk a look at hugh-fearnley witingstalls pig in a day video. goes a long way to what you should be doing but not far enough. go one step further.

great show to a point but does not live up to the hype
Posted by Mark659Report
It's about time there was a program showcasing proper butchering skills that seem to be being eradicated with the saturation of supermarkets within our communities; we all know how convenient they are but their lack of" proper training" & interaction with the customer, is eradicating a wonderful trade & skill & creativity; good one
Posted by Ask The ButcherReport
Yes!! We want our viewers to go into their local butchers and start creating relationships with these people who LOVE meat just as much as they do!