Alive and Cooking

Episode Guide

Series 1 Episode Guide

Episode 51

Series 1 · Episode 51

Chef James Reeson prepares a Red and Green soup and a Beef Roulade.

Episode 52

Series 1 · Episode 52

Chef James Reeson prepares Sweet and Sour pork and Braised Lamb and Apple.

Episode 53

Series 1 · Episode 53

Chef James Reeson is off to D'Arenberg winery in SA to cook a French mustard mussel dish then back in the kitchen to make a Banana Semi-freddo and Scallop Potatoes.

Episode 54

Series 1 · Episode 54

Chef James Reeson prepares Beer Marinated Rump Steak, Creamed Corn Cakes with a Crab Salad and Creamy Chicken Pasta.

Episode 55

Series 1 · Episode 55

Chef James Reeson makes Apple and Midori fairy Cakes. Then he's off to D'Arenberg winery to cook a Prawn and Witlof Risotto.

Episode 56

Series 1 · Episode 56

Chef James Reeson prepares a Warm Chicken Salad, Tuna Loin Pasta and a Sweet Potato Risotto

Episode 57

Series 1 · Episode 57

Chef James Reeson prepares Baked Filo Pasty Spring Rolls and Deli Stuffed Chicken Wings.

Episode 58

Series 1 · Episode 58

Chef James Reeson makes a Toffee Orange mousse. Then it's off to the banks of the Torrens river in Adelaide to cook a Vegetable Stir-fry.

Episode 59

Series 1 · Episode 59

Chef James Reeson prepares a Lychee and Ricotta Baked Cheesecake and Steak and Kidney pie.

Episode 60

Series 1 · Episode 60

Chef James Reeson makes a Pate and then is joined by Luke Nguyen to cook a Vietnamese Salad.

Episode 61

Series 1 · Episode 61

Chef James Reeson makes Dim Sims and Crepe Suzette.

Episode 62

Series 1 · Episode 62

Chef James Reeson prepares Warm Veal and Tomato salad, Lamb Mignon and Caramel Bread and Butter Pudding.

Episode 63

Series 1 · Episode 63

Chef James Reeson prepares Stuffed Mushrooms, 3 Cheese Chicken Flan and Banana Bread.

Episode 64

Series 1 · Episode 64

Chef James Reeson prepares Beef and Mushroom Broth, Corned Beef and Tomatoes with Prosciutto and Egg.

Episode 65

Series 1 · Episode 65

Chef James Reeson prepares Pork and Beans, Roast Pumpkin Salad and shares a few more tricks with a pumpkin.

Episode 66

Series 1 · Episode 66

Chef James Reeson prepares a Mushroom Schnitzel and a Chinese Style Satay.

Episode 67

Series 1 · Episode 67

Chef James Reeson prepares Mango and Chocolate Tartlets and a ravioli dish called Ravaliza.

Episode 68

Series 1 · Episode 68

Chef James Reeson prepares Chicken and Fetta Filo, BBQ Roast Pork and Lemon and Meringue Pie.

Episode 69

Series 1 · Episode 69

Chef James Reeson prepares a Pork Roulade and Prawns with Melon.

Episode 70

Series 1 · Episode 70

Chef James Reeson makes Baba Ganoush and a Jade Roast Pork.

Episode 71

Series 1 · Episode 71

Chef James Reeson makes Baked Berry Custard and Sweet Potato Souffle.

Episode 72

Series 1 · Episode 72

Chef James Reeson makes Zucchini Terrine and Very Gan Cabbage.

Episode 73

Series 1 · Episode 73

Chef James Reeson makes Bacon Wrapped Veal Loin, Garlic Poached Chicken and Chocolate Mud Cake.

Episode 74

Series 1 · Episode 74

Chef James Reeson makes Pork and Port Scallopini, Baked Chicken Risotto, Ham Lamb and Cucumber Salad.

Episode 75

Series 1 · Episode 75

Chef James Reeson makes Smoked Salmon Roll-ups, Mother and Child Stack. He is later joined by Naomi Crisante to cook up Cheddar Cashew crusted lamb cutlets.

Episode 76

Series 1 · Episode 76

Chef James Reeson makes Fruity Club Hi-Lo and Veal Schnitzel Parme.

Episode 77

Series 1 · Episode 77

Chef James Reeson makes Lentil Lamb, Whole Chicken Curry and Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Episode 78

Series 1 · Episode 78

Chef James Reeson makes Hi-Lo Chicken Stuffed Loaf, Spiced Walnut Cookies and Beef Tempura with Red Capsicum Salsa.

Episode 79

Series 1 · Episode 79

Chef James Reeson makes Roast Pork with Crackling, Banana and Brie Savory Muffin and Fresh Tomato Soup.

Episode 80

Series 1 · Episode 80

Chef James Reeson makes a Spinach and Mushroom Layer Cake, Chocolate Almond Swirls and Char-gilled Pear, Prosciutto with Blue Cheese with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 81

Series 1 · Episode 81

Chef James Reeson makes Rare Welsh Cape and Pork Vermicelli Salad with Vietnamese chef Luke Nguyen.

Episode 82

Series 1 · Episode 82

Chef James Reeson makes Yellow Steamed Pork Dumplings, Southern Fried Chicken Fingers with Naomi Crisante and Lamb Ragout.

Episode 83

Series 1 · Episode 83

Chef James Reeson makes Deli Stuffed Chicken Wings, Crispy Cape Tart and Preserved Lemon.

Episode 84

Series 1 · Episode 84

Chef James Reeson makes Roasted Lamb Rack and Herbed omlette, Warm Banana Cake and Crispy Skinned Cod.

Episode 85

Series 1 · Episode 85

Chef James Reeson makes Beef Steak Bolognaise, Pancetta and Rocket Pizza with Naomi Crisante and Banana Pancake with Minty Yoghurt.

Episode 86

Series 1 · Episode 86

Chef James Reeson makes Onion Jam, McMummy Burgers with Naomi Crisante and Parmesan Scallops.

Episode 87

Series 1 · Episode 87

Chef James Reeson makes BBQ Squid salad, Baby Back Bourbon Ribs and Scones.

Episode 88

Series 1 · Episode 88

Chef James Reeson makes Italian Meat Loaf Roll with Naomi Crisante and Sausage Curry.

Episode 89

Series 1 · Episode 89

Chef James Reeson makes Kangaroo Pie Floater, Banana and Chocolate Pavlova and Lemon and Garlic Lamb Wrap.

Episode 90

Series 1 · Episode 90

Chef James Reeson makes Ginger Fried Calamari and Teacup Souffles with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 91

Series 1 · Episode 91

Recipes featured: Spaghetti frittata with Naomi Crisante, Celery and Fennel soup and Steamed Rockling Swirls.

Episode 92

Series 1 · Episode 92

James Reeson prepares Hot and Sour Cured Salmon, BBQ Roasted rack of Lamb and Banana and sticky date tart

Episode 93

Series 1 · Episode 93

James prepares Whole Fried Snapper, Baklava Finger with Naomi crisante and Pork Fillet Roll.

Episode 94

Series 1 · Episode 94

James makes Veal and Ham Pie and Cheesy Pork Omelette.

Episode 95

Series 1 · Episode 95

Recipes featured: Chicken and Mango salad, Scrambled Fetta Eggs with Naomi Crisante and Red Wine Poached Beef.

Episode 96

Series 1 · Episode 96

James prepares Eggy Breakfast and Salmon Tail Stir-fry.

Episode 97

Series 1 · Episode 97

Recipes featured: Chilli Con Carne Pies with Naomi Crisante, Salt and Pepper Tuna and Two Bite Calzone.

Episode 98

Series 1 · Episode 98

James prepares Baked Pana di Casa, Garlic and Dill Baked Prawns and Spicy Fried Lamb salad.

Episode 99

Series 1 · Episode 99

Recipes featured: Moroccan Lamb with Naomi Crisante, Always Fresh Pasta, Passion of the Banana Loaf and Spiced Pork Sausage roll.

Episode 100

Series 1 · Episode 100

James is joined by Brian the butcher to talk about meat and watch as Naomi Crisante makes a Tuna Avocado Pasta.

Episode 101

Series 1 · Episode 101

James prepares Panzanella Salad, Coconut Curried Lamb Steak and ABC dip.

Episode 102

Series 1 · Episode 102

James makes Quince Crostata with Naomi Crisante, Flat breads and Nachos.

Episode 103

Series 1 · Episode 103

James makes Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna, Orange Loaf Cake and Lamb Rack Confit.

Episode 104

Series 1 · Episode 104

Recipes featured: Double Lamb Cutlets with Naomi Crisante, Chilli Coiled Pork Belly. James goes to Dayleford to talk Jim from Frangos and Frangos and Jim cooks a beautiful seafood dish.

Episode 105

Series 1 · Episode 105

Recipes featured: Master Stock, Orange Grilled Chicken and Camembert en Croute with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 106

Series 1 · Episode 106

Recipes featured: Banana Leaves with Chicken, Coleslaw and Paprika Lamb with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 107

Series 1 · Episode 107

Recipes featured: Chicken Mole (chilli, chocolate chicken), Tamarind and Pineapple Broth with Vietnamese chef Luke Nguyen and Char-grilled Swordfish.

Episode 108

Series 1 · Episode 108

Recipes featured: Lemon-grass Prawn Curry with Naomi Crisante, Cajun Spice and Blackened Chicken.

Episode 109

Series 1 · Episode 109

James makes Creme Caramel, Lemon Chicken from Rydges in SA and Lamb Cutlet Chilli.

Episode 110

Series 1 · Episode 110

Recipes featured: Roast Pumpkin and Clam Soup, Prawn Mousse Filo Roll and Antipasto and Cheese Platter with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 111

Series 1 · Episode 111

Recipes featured: Conchiglioni with Chicken, Master Stock soup and Apple tart tartin with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 112

Series 1 · Episode 112

Recipes featured: Banana and Date Slice, Grilled Tuna Rolls and Stuffed Pork.

Episode 113

Series 1 · Episode 113

Recipes featured: Duck Leg Wrapped in Prosciutto, Spicy Meat Dumplings and Leek and Potato Pie.

Episode 114

Series 1 · Episode 114

Recipes featured: Gummy Goujon, Plum Spice Slice with Naomi Crisante and Cheesy Chicken Rissoles.

Episode 115

Series 1 · Episode 115

Recipes featured: Haloumi and Beetroot salad with Naomi Crisante, Fried Tuna Roll and Lamb and Pesto Pinati.

Episode 116

Series 1 · Episode 116

Recipes featured: Pork Loin with Ginger and Honey, Rice Pilaf, Veal and Chickpea Salad and Cherry Choc Pavlova with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 117

Series 1 · Episode 117

Recipes featured: Banana Custard Slice, Chicken and Veg Pie, Vietnamese Salmon Fillets with Luke Nguyen.

Episode 118

Series 1 · Episode 118

Recipes featured: Chilli Jam and Blue Cheese in Filo Pastry and Pesto Turkey Fillet with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 119

Series 1 · Episode 119

Recipes featured: Wasabi Lamb Leg Steak, Quiche Raimondo and Spicy Walnut Swirl with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 120

Series 1 · Episode 120

Recipes featured: Chilli Jam and Lime and Mascarpone Tart with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 121

Series 1 · Episode 121

Recipes featured: Souva Meatballs, Honey Soy Chicken Wings and Spaghetti with Mussels and Crispy Pancetta with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 122

Series 1 · Episode 122

Recipe featured: Creamy Scallop Potato Pastry, Crispy Skinned Teriyaki Salad and Calamari salad with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 123

Series 1 · Episode 123

Recipes featured: Seafood Soup, Mediterranean Chicken in a Basket and Borlotti Baked Rib Eye.

Episode 124

Series 1 · Episode 124

Recipes featured: Emergency Dip, Macadamia Roast Lamb and Almond and Butterscotch Fingers with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 125

Series 1 · Episode 125

Recipes featured: Cider Braised Pork, Stuffed Capsicums and Fruit Finger Filos with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 126

Series 1 · Episode 126

Recipes featured: Pigs in a Wool Blanket, Puffed Banana and Caramel and Sesame Haloumi Sticks with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 127

Series 1 · Episode 127

Recipes featured: Barramundi Fish Parcels with Naomi Crisante, Spinach and Ricotta Filo and Banana Wrapped in Prosciutto.

Episode 128

Series 1 · Episode 128

Recipes featured: Kings Veal, San Choi Bao, Banana Choc Steamers.

Episode 129

Series 1 · Episode 129

Recipes featured: Dinner Party Nibbles, Chicken and Buffalo Salad and Zabaglione Trifles with Naomi Crisante.

Episode 130

Series 1 · Episode 130

Recipes featured: Beer Roast Chicken, Veal Paupiette and Trio of Bruschetta with Naomi Crisante.