Ace of Cakes

Episode Guide

Series 9 Episode Guide

Miami Meltdown

Series 9 · Episode 1

Chef Duff is asked to make his tallest statue ever... an Egyptian Pharaoh for a stage show. But can they even pick it up to load it into the van?

30 Rock (and Roll)

Series 9 · Episode 2

Duff and his staff become part of the fun of 30 ROCK when Tina Fey invites them to make a cake to star in the show. Add to that, a special surprise cake for the cast and crew to celebrate their season finale.

Indy, Ice and Improv

Series 9 · Episode 4

Duff takes to the ice to challenge a team of sled hockey players, while Tommy summons up visions of Hasselhof in order to make the KITT car. Duff and Geof get a last minute birthday cake order and end up trading jabs with Drew Carey!