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    Quick ideas 

    Hi Sammy and Bella, I am making a mini lifestyle magazine as a Year 12 Media project and would love to include some cool new recipes in a food section. Do you have any suggestions for quick meals for people who are time-poor, and any meals that are budget-friendly and healthy? Thanks so much! Lucy xx

    storing cooked short crust pastry 

    Hi Sammy and Bella, I blind baked some short crust pastry for my lemon meringue but not filling it immediately, could you tell me how I should store the cooked short crust pastry and why my pastry has turned out quite hard after blind baking it.? Your help would be appreciated. Jill Towt

    Cook yourself thin recipes. 

    Do you have any vegetarian recipes?

    Dry Marinade 

    First of all thank you for such a detailed and easily understood answer to my previous question on "aging steak in the home fridge" . Now - is there a dry marinade process that I can use for both a piece of Rump or Porterhouse that will help tenderise overnight for the barbecue next day??. Also prior to making a beef stew can a dry marinade be used to flavour the meat prior to long slow cooking or cooking in the pressure cooker. Have a good Day Regards David H


    Hi Sammy and Bella, My name is Gracie Brook. I am currently undertaking the class of VCE food and technology as a part of my final year 12 class at Padua. As part of this subject we have to create a folio consisting of a theme, mine of which I have seen a white tiger sit down three course dinner. This evening meals are only to obtain the ingredients of being black and white only. My question to you is… If you were presenting dishes fitting the criteria of having only black and white ingredients and finished dishes what are some ingredients that you would incorporate with this team that will make the food advertising and intriguing? How do you insure/test the quality of your ingredients? i hope to hear from you soon, kind regards Gracie Brook.

    Dream Sponge 

    HI Ladies Can you possiblely send me the receipe for Dream Sponge. I did see you make it one day (a sickie from work) but I didn't copy it down. I wish we could see more of you two in the evening. Keep up the good work

    Vegan pasta 

    Wanting to make pasta dough without using egg, what can I use as a substitute. Could I use the product "No Egg""? Regards

    red pepper flakes 

    Saw a recipe on Lifestyle using red pepper flakes. I bought these at Woolworths Supermarket quite a few years ago but they don't have them any more. Where can I buy them in Australia? I know these are different to chilli flakes.

    Aging beef 

    If I happen to buy some rump or porterhouse that has not been aged. Is there any way that I can complete the process in the home fridge to improve the piece of meat ?.

    Cooking Steaks 

    You say to turn steaks every 30 seconds or so. Other recipes say to turn only once. Who is one to believe?

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