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Sammy and Bella

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These food-obsessed Sydney sisters find their cooking inspiration through family, friends and travel.

These food-obsessed Sydney sisters find their cooking inspiration through family, friends and travel.

About Sammy and Bella

There are very few home cooks that can claim to have impressed and blown the minds of several world renowned chefs. For Sydney sisters Sammy and Bella that is exactly what they did when they won the TV show My Kitchen Rules (series two). The girls took a gamble and both quit their jobs in the fashion industry to take part in the number one series, which has paid off and given them a head start in the food industry.

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Quick ideas  

Hi Sammy and Bella, I am making a mini lifestyle magazine as a Year 12 Media project and would love to include some cool new recipes in a food section. Do you have any suggestions for quick meals f...

storing cooked short crust pastry  

Hi Sammy and Bella, I blind baked some short crust pastry for my lemon meringue but not filling it immediately, could you tell me how I should store the cooked short crust pastry and why my pastry h...

Cook yourself thin recipes.  

Do you have any vegetarian recipes?...

Lazy Woman's Guide to Healthy Work Lunches

Ever felt like you don't have time to make or eat a proper lunch? Here is a simple-to-follow guide from Bella for delicious meals and snacks you can take to work that are also easy to prepare.

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Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid found in fish and seafood. Find out more from Sammy and Bella and discover their favourite ways to incorporate it into your everyday cooking,

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Raise your Energy Levels

In the Your Health Your Life Survey, from over 4,000 participants, over half told us they would like to make a change or make an improvement to their energy levels.

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