Finger Food Recipes


What simpler way to celebrate with friends than with small dishes and tapas? Many of these canapés can be prepared in advance and can be served as meal on their own. There are some great ideas for a variety of au d’oeuvres and easy snacks. If you are after something a little more substantial, look at our collection of starters and entrees.

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Marinaded Chicken Wings

Recipe submitted by RB71

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Mini Pecan Pies

Recipe submitted by JE42

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Mini Stroganoff Pies

Recipe submitted by TA20

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Mini Taco Dip

Recipe submitted by meggsy

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Pancetta Mushroom Bruscetta

Recipe submitted by brettly

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Pumpkin Bruschetta

Recipe submitted by RH78

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Tomato Bruschetta

Recipe submitted by EJ1