Australia Day Recipes


Whether you plan to have a typically Aussie BBQ or a lazy picnic with friends, we have plenty of ideas from Australia's top celebrity chefs. From quintessential Aussie treats, like Justin North's passionfruit pavlova or this Easy Lamington Recipe,  we have everything you need for a Happy Australia Day!

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Chicken Kasundi

Recipe submitted by kessie

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Maggie Beer's Jellied Tomatoes

Recipe submitted by Doragon

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Quick Piquant Sauce

Recipe submitted by FD19

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BBQ Pork

Recipe submitted by annettejeffrey

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Recipe submitted by Tiashka

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Chicken Liver and Port Pate

Recipe submitted by Bzee

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Chicken Quesadilla

Recipe submitted by minichiello

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Choc Rum Balls (no cook)

Recipe submitted by LS58