Serve up this tasty duck dish by celebrity chef Paul Mercurio.


  • 3 large duck breasts with the wing bone still in

  • 550g of pork mince

  • 3tbls chopped coriander

  • 2 tbls of chopped sage

  • 2 tbls of chopped chervil

  • 3 tbls of chopped Pimentos de pardon – Spanish peppers or banana peppers

  • Rind of two oranges – zested and finely chopped

  • 80g of finely chopped macadamia nuts

  • 1 egg

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • 5 bunches of Bok Choy – remove end of stalk and discard so you have loose leaves left

  • 1 ½ tbls of chopped fresh ginger

  • 1 ½ tbls of finely chopped garlic

  • 1 ½ tbls of soy sauce

  • 1 ½ tbls of oyster sauce

  • 3 tbls water


  • For the pork mince:

  • 1.

    Place the mince, coriander, sage, chervil, peppers, orange zest, macadamia nuts and egg into a large mixing bowl and give it all a good mix with your hands making sure all of the ingredients are well combined.

  • 2.

    Generously season the salt - about 1 table spoon and some black pepper and then mix it all again.

  • 3.

    Take about two teaspoons worth of the mixture and form it into a patty and cook it in a little olive oil in a fry pan.

  • 4.

    Taste the cooked patty for seasoning and adjust the mixture as necessary – set aside.

  • For the duck:

  • 1.

    Carefully remove the skin from each of the duck breasts making sure to pull and cut the meat away from the breast without cutting the skin and making any holes in it.

  • 2.

    You need to gently peel the skin away from the meat using your hands and fingers and also a very sharp knife.

  • 3.

    You can work you fingers between the meat and the skin and then get your knife in there.

  • 4.

    The reason we want to use a duck breast with the wing thigh left in is for the size of the skin we get once we remove it from the breast.

  • 5.

    Carefully pull the skin down and off the wing thigh. If successful you should have a square of duck skin without any holes in it except for where the wing thigh bone came out – just use that flap of skin to fold over the hole. If there are any big fatty deposits you can carefully cut them off also you can trim any excess meat off the skin.

  • 6.

    Clean the breast meat up by cutting away any excess fat or tendon and cut the tenderloin off and save to use another day.

  • 7.

    Then cut each duck breast lengthways into four pieces trying to keep the pieces about equal size.

  • 8.

    Lay the skin out flat on a large piece of glad wrap with the skin side down so that the inside of the skin is face up.

  • 9.

    Take your pork mixture and spread it out on top of the skin about half a centimeter thick making sure it is evenly spread all over the skin and also leaving about a centimeter gap of skin not covered at the bottom edge (closest to you).

  • 10.

    Now place three pieces of duck breast in the middle of the skin and trim them so that they do not hang over the sides of the skin. You want the duck breast to cook evenly so make sure that you lay the breast pieces top to tail ie lay one piece down and then when you lay the next piece down make sure that the thin end rests next to the thick end of the first piece. The third piece should be laid on top of the first two pieces.

  • 11.

    Using the glad wrap take the top edge and lift up and over rolling the duck skin up like a sausage. The mince should roll over the duck breast forming a sausage casing around them – do not tuck the duck skin into the mince mix – the top edge of the skin should meet and lay on the bottom edge of the skin which you can then fold over the top closing the gap and forming a sausage.

  • 12.

    Make sure you fold over the ends so that they are closed.

  • 13.

    Roll up in glad wrap and twist the ends tightly forming a good tight casing around the duck sausage.

  • 14.

    Wrap three or four times in extra pieces of glad wrap so that they are water tight and if you want you can tie the ends with string so they will not come undone when you poach them.

  • 15.

    Put the duck Ballotines in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow the meet to set.

  • 16.

    Place the Ballotines into a large pot filled with boiling water and bring the water back to a simmer and cover pot with a lid.

  • 17.

    Simmer for about 30 minutes or until the internal temperature of the Ballotines reaches 62°.

  • 18.

    Once cooked remove the Ballotines from the water and take them out of the plastic wrap.

  • 19.

    Pat dry with paper towels and then rest the Ballotines on a plate covered with a tea towel – ie the Ballotines sit on top of the tee towel do not cover them then put the plate in the fridge for a couple of hours so as to dry out the skin – this helps the skin to crisp when you fry the Ballotines.

  • 20.

    In a hot fry pan add a little oil and when the oil is starting to smoke add the Ballotines in the pan.

  • 21.

    Keep an eye on the temp of the fry pan as you don’t want it too hot so as to burn the duck skin.

  • 22.

    Turn the duck so as to cook all sides evenly and cook until the skin is well coloured and the skin crispy.

  • 23.

    Remove from pan and rest.

  • 24.

    In a wok over high heat add about 2 table spoons of olive oil and get it to a smoking point then throw in your chopped ginger and garlic and stir through the oil.

  • 25.

    Throw in your Bok Choy and using tongs turn the leaves around so as to get all of them coated with the olive oil, garlic and ginger.

  • 26.

    Add the soy sauce and the oyster sauce and toss the leaves around again to coat them then add in the water.

  • 27.

    Stir again and then cover with a lid and turn the heat down to let them steam for a couple of minutes.

  • To plate:

  • 1.

    Put some bok choy in the middle of a plate in a rectangular shape then place three discs of the guillotine on top. Spoon some of the sauce from the bok choy over the Ballotines and serve.

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