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How To Make Haloumi Cheese
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How To Make Haloumi Cheese

Find out how to turn fresh milk into world class Haloumi cheese that’s ready to eat in just two hours with Matt Moran.

How To De-Bone a Pheasant

2 minute read

Matt Moran visits the Barossa Valley and shows you how to de-bone a pheasant in this step-by-step guide.

How To Make Banana Jam

2 minute read

Matt Moran joins Jo Bumbak in Gascoyne, WA, to make her famous banana jam recipe.

How To Make Chat Masala

2 minute read

Matt Moran shows you how to make Chat Masala at home.

How To Make XO Sauce

3 minute read

XO Sauce is a flavour packed sauce made with dried shrimp and scallop and spicy seasonings including chilli and garlic. Matt Moran shows you how to make your own!

How To Smoke Brisket at Home

1 minute read

Matt Moran provides his expert tips to create a delicious and smokey brisket.

How To Cook Duck A L'Orange

2 minute read

In the Riverland Region of South Australia, Matt Moran experiences for the first time, what it is like to hunt, cook and then eat wild duck. Here, he shows you how to cook Duck a l’Orange at home.

How To Prepare Tuna Sashimi

1 minute read

Matt Moran tells you more about Blue Fin Tuna and shows you how to prepare and eat Tuna Toro sashimi!

How to Make the Perfect Soup

1 minute read

Continental head chef Julianne Lever knows a thing or two about soup! Here she shares her top tips for creating the perfect winter-warmer.

How To Prep and Cook the Perfect Steak

4 minute read

If you're a lover of a good juicy steak, then look no further than Sammy's top tips and tricks on how to buy, prep and cook this Aussie favourite to perfection.

River Cottage Australia Series 2 - Supplier List

1 minute read

Take a look at the suppliers used by the River Cottage Australia team.