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The lean, dark–red and finely grained meat of any species of the European and American deer family. Young roe and red deer are considered the best flavoured, but this group also includes elk, reindeer, caribou, moose and antelope. Deer are considered wild, but today are usually farm bred. Hunting wild deer is now subject to regulations, mainly to control populations. In cooking, the tenderloin from the saddle is cut into steaks and pan–fried. The haunch is usually roasted but can become tough and dry on overcooking, therefore it is larded or barded or cooked until slightly underdone. Venison may also be stewed, braised, made into salami, pâté and sausages. The meat may be marinated, though young venison is best not marinated as it loses its gamey flavour. Remove any fat before cooking. Venison is sold fresh, vacuum–packed or frozen.

Special Note

Venison goes with — black pepper, juniper berries, redcurrant jelly