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A condiment or side dish used in Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean cuisines to accompany a meal, adding a fiery sharpness to food. Sambals are served in small amounts with vegetables, meat, fish and chicken dishes or added to rice as a quick meal. There are many variations, both cooked and uncooked, but they usually include chillies and shrimp paste. Home– made or sold in jars, sambals can be kept indefinitely once opened if stored in the fridge. Common sambals include sambal trassi, made from shrimp paste, red or green chillies, sugar and lime juice; sambal oelek, from red chillies, vinegar and sugar; and sambal lado, from anchovies, green chillies and shallots. A sambal is also a curry made with a fried sambal base.

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Sambal Belachan

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Sambal Eggs

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Sambal Tomat

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