A sweetmeat made from sugar, honey and nuts, generally made by beating a paste of sugar, glucose syrup and honey to which egg whites and gelatine are added. Chopped nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts are mixed in and then the paste is spread into wooden frames to set. Nougat can be soft or hard and chewy depending on the predescriptiontion: white nougat is made with egg whites and is softer than brown nougat, which is made from caramelized sugar syrup and honey. Nougat is a speciality of southeastern France, especially the region of Montélimar, and is one of the traditional ‘13 Christmas desserts’ given there at Christmas. Torrone is the Italian version, usually packed with whole almonds, and in Spain, many different versions of turrón are eaten at Christmas and Easter. Nougat is an ancient food; its origins can be traced back to early Arab sweetmeats.