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Any of a number of varieties of small green–skinned citrus fruit native to the tropics, where they are widely used in cooking. Limes are only green because they are picked unripe, but if left to ripen they turn yellow. The West Indian or key lime, rather than the Tahitian or Palestine lime, is considered the ‘true’ lime. They are related to the lemon, but have a distinctive taste. Limes can be used like lemons but as the juice is more acidic, usually less is needed. Both lime juice and the zest add a piquant flavour to sweet dishes such as ice cream and sorbets, as well as curries, stews and in fish dishes. In South America, lime juice is used to ‘cook’ raw fish in the dish ceviche, and in India and North Africa. Types of pickled limes are served with meat and fish dishes. Like lemons, warm limes in a microwave for 2 to 3 seconds before squeezing them to make the juice flow.

Special Note

Lime goes with — fish, pickle, pork, salad