One of the world’s favourite pastas, lasagne is actually the name of the pasta shape, the classic whole dish being lasagne al forno. A dough, made using flour and eggs, is rolled into thin sheets, which are blanched, layered with various fillings, then baked. In Italy, each area has its own lasagne dough and its preferred filling. The dough may be coloured with spinach, when it is known as lasagne verdi; a softer dough may be made using water instead of eggs; or the sheets may have curly edges, which are designed to give a lighter result by trapping air throughout the dish. Lasagne pasta can be bought ready–made in either fresh or dried form. There are many variations of lasagne: lasagne al forno, prepared using layers of egg or spinach lasagne, meat ragù and béchamel; vincisgrassi, a dish from the Marche, made using a rich ragù of offal, porcini and pancetta, layered with béchamel and strips of lasagne; and a sweet version often baked at Christmas time, lasagne da fornel, made with apples, figs, raisins, walnuts and poppy seeds.

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Also known as — lasagna