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Jamaica Flower

Not to be confused with the ornamental hibiscus plant that grows in tropical areas worldwide, Jamaica flower (Hibiscus sabdaraffia) is a tropical plant grown for its enlarged, fleshy, deep–red sepals. The sepals are edible, slightly tart in flavour and may be bought fresh, dried or frozen. When dried, they may be infused in teas; used fresh, they may be cooked into jams or a sauce similar to cranberry. In the West Indies and the Caribbean, the flower is used to make wine. It also adds colour and flavour when mixed with rum and spices to make drinks, a favourite at Christmas time when the flower is available fresh. In Mexico, the Jamaica flower is used to make a drink (pictured) by infusing the flower in boiling water, then adding sugar.

Special Note

Also known as — flor de Jamaica, Jamaica sorrel, rosella, roselle