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A versatile, nutritious high–protein food and indispensable in the kitchen, either cooked on its own or as an ingredient in countless recipes. Eggs are graded into sizes according to the minimum weight of each egg in the carton, ranging from the largest, size 1, weighing greater than 70 g, to the smallest, size 7, weighing less than 45 g. Eggs graded as small weigh about 45 g, medium eggs about 55–60 g, large about 60–65 g, and extra large about 90 g. The standard egg used in recipes is size 3, weighing 60 g. It is important to follow the recommended egg size in recipes as closely as possible, as changing the size may make a difference to the outcome of the recipe. Always bring eggs to room temperature before use. A cold egg will crack when immersed in hot water and cold egg whites won’t whisk well.